G.M. Says New Wave of Tariffs Could Force U.S. Job Cuts

Trump just keeps winning and winning, doesn’t he? How’s that tariff thing working out for you, Orange Man?
Clearly, it’s not. Will Trump tweet his displeasure about GM now?

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Will Trumpanzees immediately trade in all their GM vehicles?

Beat the cars with their Harleys

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Obviously GM is unpatriotic and is waving the white flag. Total losers. Let them go overseas and take their jobs with them while we make America great again!!

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Maybe they just need another bailout.

Looks like the R’s could.

Or they could take one for the team and just shrink their profit margins for awhile. Nah too much to ask. Oh well. Rather have them build and sell their SUVs overseas anyway. Too many idiots who can’t drive with them here as it is. As for the jobs, I’m sure they just need to get a better education and get “real” jobs now, right lib?

So you want them to go bankrupt then.

I never thought I’d see anyone who even remotely calls themself a conservative make such a post as this.

Are there any principles Trump supporters won’t cast aside?

Bzzzt. Wrong on both counts. As usual.

They aren’t going bankrupt. They should have been allowed to go bankrupt under Obama though.

I’m telling you guys that these posters are not conservatives.


Trumpism has absolutely nothing in common with conservatism.


That would have been very bad.

i love certain things about what past conservatives have preached. like not wasting money. like being concerned that the preachers were gonna take over. like individual liberty.

conservatism has just been so bastardized that it’s not even recognizable any more. it’s now just a word you use to get votes. hell, republicans can’t even stand up to a “politician” who attacks private businesses on Twitter. that’s not conservative in any way, shape or form.

Never claimed I was a con and keep telling you clowns I’m not a Trump supporter. Don’t let either of those distract from your narrative though. :roll_eyes:

Well, the problem is you’re not stating your opinion. Not very well at least.

It certainly appeared you supported steel tariffs, which makes you a Trump supporter given this is his policy. Maybe can you expand on why you think it makes sense for GM to “take one for the team”?

As for the bailout, not really relevant to the topic.

that’s the lib answer for workers in the coal industry.

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no one thought it was going to be painless. Libs are so shallow.