FUZZY MATH: Biden Vows to Put ‘720 Million Women’ Back to Work... Total US Population 330 Million

Originally published at: FUZZY MATH: Biden Vows to Put ‘720 Million Women’ Back to Work… Total US Population 330 Million | Sean Hannity

Former Vice President Joe Biden continued his gaffe-filled campaign this week; telling a confused audience his proposed tax credit will put “720 million women back in the workforce.”

“If you get a tax break for a racehorse, why in God’s name couldn’t we provide an $8,000 tax credit for everyone who has childcare costs. It would put 720 million women back in the work force.

Biden’s comments come days after new video surfaced on social media showing the Democratic frontrunner describing an altercation with a gang leader named ‘Corn Pop.’

“Corn Pop was a bad dude,” said Biden suddenly. “And he ran a bunch of bad boys. And back in those days — to show how things have changed — one of the things you had to use, if you used Pomade in your hair, you had to wear a baby cap. And so he was up on the board and wouldn’t listen to me. I said, ‘Hey, Esther, you! Off the board, or I’ll come up and drag you off.’ Well, he came off, and he said, ‘I’ll meet you outside.'”

This is BIZARRE!
Here's Joe Biden telling the story of his face-off with a gang of razor-wielding ne'er-do-wells led by a guy named 'Corn Pop.' pic.twitter.com/DddRtWgdza

— Eddie Zipperer (@EddieZipperer) September 15, 2019

“My car – there was a gate on here. I parked my car outside the gate. And he said, ‘I’ll be waiting for you. He was waiting for me with three guys with straight razors. Not a joke. There was a guy named Bill Wright the only white guy and he did all the pools. He was a mechanic. And I said, ‘What am I gonna do?’ And he said. ‘Come down here in the basement, where all the mechanics- – where all the pool builder is.’ You know the chain, there used to be a chain that went across the deep end. And he cut off a six-foot length of chain, and folded it up and he said, ‘You walk out with that chain, and you walk to the car and say, ‘you may cut me man, but I’m gonna wrap this chain around your head,’” Biden said.

“He said, ‘you apologize to me?'” he added. “I said, ‘I apologize but not for throwing you out, but I apologize for what I said.’ He said, ‘OK,’ closed that straight razor, and my heart began to beat again.”