Fusion GPS’ Glenn Simpson Dined With Russian Lawyer Before & After Her Meeting

Follow the money… Who paid the honeypot? she is a Clinton plant

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Collusion delusion except for Hillary paying Putin for lies through Fusion…

These were social events by the law firm representing her client. The law firm retained fusion gps for discovery in the case. Put away the tin foil.

It rhymes so it has to be true

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I love all of the Beck like chalkboard dot connecting from testimony almost a year old.


No one disputes that the Hillary camp paid Fusion for dirt they got from Russians…

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Wow! Super blockbuster news article from…uh…May 16th?

You better tell the…uh…oh, the Republican-controlled Senate Judiciary released the docs.

Yea, so better get on with getting Sessions to appoint another special counsel to investigate.

Oh, wait he…uh…said there would need to be a “factual basis” in order to appoint a special counsel.

Just continue blowing smoke up the rear end of gullible righties!

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I love how these events are described like Simpson and Veselnitskaya had dinner alone together. This was a group setting. Simpson doesn’t speak Russian. Veselnitskaya doesn’t speak English. You people really suck at this.

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So, a couple of weeks ago, I went to a recruiting fancy alcoholic beverages party at Perkins Cole. To impress all the rising 2Ls, a couple of the major partners showed up for a few minutes, including Marc Elias.

Does that mean I’m part of the “deep state” now?

*edit - the filter caught ■■■■■■■■.

that was a whole lot of deflection , but again , who paid the honeypot?

They just dont talk about it. Better to talk trash about Trump.

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Let’s keep these investigations going … all of em. Libs will soon get sick of hiding what they know to be true. Their queen Clinton was the one who colluded with foreign entities to change an election.

You left out a few details:

Clinton retained a law firm that hired fusion gps who contracted Michael Steele for oppo research who contacted some Russian informants.

Trump Jr met directly with Russians connected with the Kremlin.

But nah, it was the Hillary camp who colluded. Lol.

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Except Trump literally just admitted to collusion on Twitter.

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You got him THIS time.


who paid the honeypot?

Yep that’s why trump and don jr lied so hard about the meeting

who paid the honeypot?

ok who paid the honeypot and fixed her visa at the state dept?

I’m sure her client (Katsyv) paid her and the DOJ granted her visa so that she could assist in her client’s testimony. You know, what’s explained in the article you ■■■■■■■ posted.