Further on the hypocrisy of the Left: Mitch McConnell’s twitter banned but not Sarah Silverman’s

Mitch McConnell’s campaign’s twitter account was suspended because it showed a Black Lives Matter protester wishing for violence against him on the campaign’s twitter account.

But Sarah Silverman did the same thing with no repercussions:


The majority of non liberal lefty tweeters are not far down on the Twitter virtual gas chamber list.

And Donald Trump is free to run wild in the twitter universe.


It is a little odd for him to be banned for putting up something said violently against him. I agree though they can do what they want, it would have been a little clearer if he was doing the threatening.

This should help Twitter while they’re being examined for political discrimination.

If not for double-standards, liberals would have no standards at all.


If not for dishonesty, libs would have no honesty either.

The censorship is worse obviously for someone in the political realm.
It’s clear the twitter management considers BLM and Sarah Silverman the “good guys” and Mitch McConnell the “bad guys”.


LOL… What law would you law they are violating?

Why are they “being examined?” Are we also going to start examining, say, a gun shop that posts a sign that says it refuses to sell to Muslims or Hillary supporters? Does that need examining too?

Remember the baker who didnt want to bake a cake for a same sex couple. :slight_smile:

No I am sure you dont.


The new snowflake law signed by the president into law.


Moscow Mitch (who is Putin’s Bitch) a bad guy.

Hence the protest.

Perish the thought.


If Twitter had any balls, they would ban Trump.


I’ve explained this before. Twitter would drastically lose market share if Trump moves to another social media platform, like Gab. Look at what’s happening right now with Twitch and Ninja. Trump holds all the cards right now and Twitter knows it.

This is so funny on this forum of all places.

We used to have thread after thread of people bragging about firing Obama supporters.

And then of course there is the Bakery case…

Trump should move to 8Chan.

Did Ninja leave Twitch? Where is he now?

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As far as I know, 8Chan got shut down. 4Chan is still around though.

Yeah, Ninja signed an exclusivity contract with Mixer (Microsoft owned). It’ll be interesting to see if Twitch loses some of it’s 72% market share, and if Mixer grows on it’s 3%.

Yeah, I thought 8chan was no longer an option.

Must be getting old, I have no idea what these are.

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