Funny...and very apropos in today's strange climate

There are some bleeped out bad words.
Hopefully it does not offend anyone, and people can simply laugh.


Ha ha ha ha

I’d LOVE to see that woman tell him that he should have minded his own ■■■■■■■ business.

Come on Righties!

Show you have a sense of humor.

Up for an hour, and only one “like”. (thanks Jezcoe!)

Dude…come on.

Just laugh and move on. Lighten up.

You didn’t see? I said ha ha ha ha. It was hilarious.

Than why the irrelevant link?

Funny, but if it’s only available at Whole Foods there’s a problem. No self-respecting Trumpist would be caught dead in that commie haven.

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The link? Didn’t you laugh?

I thought it was perfect with your joke.

I mean come on…lighten up. Picture that man saying to each of those nosey white people… “mind your own ■■■■■■■ business” just as he blew them away. HA HA HA HA. Think of the surprise on their faces, thinking that actually minding their own ■■■■■■■ business would save them. HA HA HA HA.

What the hell is wrong with you?

What? You got no sense of humor? The OP is hilarious, isn’t it? I know I’m laughing.

I once went for a walk in my neighborhood at night and someone reported to the police that a suspicious person was walking around. I was stopped by the police.
When I was about 6 years old I had a lemonade stand (this was in the 1950s). A neighbor called the police who told my mother that, since there was a complaint and a license was required, I would have to shut my stand down.
I have seen similar events on the national news recently because the complainer was white and the person reported was black.
Needless to say, in the instances I mentioned, there was nothing on the national news.

Were you wearing a hoodie?

And was this pre-internets/social mediums?

Obvious the lemonade stand was.
There was already an internet when the person reported me for walking around.

The point is this sort of thing happens all the time. Now the media is in the process of cherry picking the ones where the innocent person being reported is black and the person doing the reporting is white.

This is so obviously a media ploy that is what makes the OP not funny.

So you want to relive the 1950s?

Well it’s not white genocide funny soooo


Lighten up. You are supposed to laugh and move on.

This happened. In the Fifties.

Can you provide links to the all the times a black person reported a white person for walking down the street, or going to the community pool, or canvassing a neighbor as a politician, or having a bbq in a park?

Surely there must be some. (unless the Lib media is out to getcha!)

Your anecdotes are useless.

Still trolling and following me around. Now this is creepy … bigly. Please stop.

In that case you sound like an idiot.