Functionally poisoned by hate?

(Breibart) “Keith Ellison Suggests Justice Neil Gorsuch Was Bribed”

It is a wonder to this reluctant dem observer that Ellison and his ilk can even function with all that poison coursing through their rotted bodies.

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Was justice roberts blackmailed into upholding obamacare?

heck, i’m just curious to see what Mueller finds regarding if Americans were bribed or blackmailed.

Let us say Mx. varrd that both situations are equal. It NEVER occurred to me that crack brained Roberts was paid off. That’s the diff. Conservative minds don’t automatically dive to the bottom. We’ll never know what caused that mess.

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at least you don’t automatically dive to the bottom.

And I’ll add here that it wouldn’t matter if I had thought Roberts was bribed. I’m a lowly comment yakker. It does matter however…when a legislator sworn to uphold the constitution dives to the bottom to make a spurious charge. You think about that.

And he supports fascists…


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Ellison is a Muslim?

Islam set up the slave trading forts along the coast of Africa. N. America was a very small part of the trans Atlantic trade. S. America and Caribbean took the vast majority of slaves, but Islam took tons more than that from west Africa. Christians and England stopped the slave trade and rape of west Africa.

Odd he’s picked a religion responsible for the suffering and death of million of Africans…

Queef Ellison hates America wants no borders and more Muslim terrorists to help destroy America. He’s a sick sick man.

You should know Islam does the picking of its faithful adherents.