From Costa Rica to New Jersey, a pipeline of illegal workers for Trump goes back years


He had seventeen years in which he could have started before he was elected president.


The lesson we learn here is that, if you have enough money, you can lie, cheat, and steal your way to the top and get away with it.


But but but

Trump, uh not engaged, uh not involved, uh so what, uh Obama’s tan suit!!! Caravans!!!


The complaint is that Trump is not using e-verify on the hotel. The earlier complaint was that due to emolumments clause he should have nothing to do with running the hotel. You can’t complain and demand he have nothing to do with running the hotel and then when he has nothing to do with it complain about him over the way it was run.
And I do believe that enforcement should be demanded of our laws against hiring illegals. If Trump is not complying with those, they need to be investigated. Not just Trump, but everyone who is hiring illegals.
Maybe Nancy can get to work on this.


When did DC Hotel open? Something like Sept 2016, wasn’t it?


Did you even read the article? You should.


Sure its bad. At least under Trump he is fighting to increase border security that might reduce some of this.

Am I supposed to believe that the situation would be getting better if Hillary had become President? Instead of fighting over increased border security we would be arguing whether these people deserved amnesty and sanctuary in the mean time.


Your reminder that the money for the wall has been earmarked for Trump’s buddies and that is why he wants it.


So, if Mexico is sending us rapists, murderers, and drug dealers - and some, I assume, are good people …

… what does that say about these illegal immigrants Trump is hiring?




How do you look at yourself in the mirror every morning?


Well, they’re Costa Ricans, so surely you can see that it’s entirely different.


This won’t play well.


Reminds me of Daffy Ducks old resonse…“Your dethpicable”.


Suddenly the President is serious about this after making his gains. OK.


Yes, he should have nothing to do with the hotel. But he does. And as such, the fact that his hotel continues the long-time trump tradition of skirting the law should mean something to republicans. But it doesn’t because he pretends to want to fix the problem he himself CONTINUES to cause.


That’s the clincher right there. He CONTINUES the practice today, right now and is only just beginning to implement E-verify and clearly only because he got caught.


There is a documented practice going back decades that trump hires illegals. A practice he continues to do. Anyone that believes he cares about this “crises” is willfully ignoring the truth.