From Costa Rica to New Jersey, a pipeline of illegal workers for Trump goes back years


Willfully abetting. I have no doubt that should the Mueller investigation prove beyond doubt Donald colluded with a foreign power to win the White House, Trump Nation will default to a “end justifies the means” defense.


I saw that. Another thing he lies about.


I have no doubt you are correct. We’ve already seen their defense shift several times already.


Stand by…exhibit A inbound.


All the while he rails at his supporters at his rallies, he’s caravanning illegals into the United States to work at his properties for cheap, and taking away good paying jobs from Americans.

He flat out lies to them, while doing the complete opposite. Sad.


Illegal immigration has been going on for decades and the federal government has turned a blind eye. I’ve always wanted those hiring illegals to be prosecuted while at the same time, there’s some industries that because of the government’s inaction, took this route to be competitive. I find the actions of anyone who did this, including the President to be dispicable and unAmerican. Their gain was at the expense of the United States. Now…here “we” are today. I believe the President is serious about turning this thing around, while at the same time…has been guilty. There’s nothing I can do about the past…so looking forward, I won’t hold it against the President but I do after being elected. In this area, I’ve wiped the past clean for any businesses that choose to do it the right way going forward.


And here we go.


Fair enough, but… He did squat about it after being elected, even after he was forced to fire two employees that made some headlines. They are only just now starting to implement Everify for example.


Sociopaths can never be caught in a hypocrisy trap. That they believe they are the smartest person on the planet and are always right about everything shields them from the embarassment of a gotcha moment. They’re simply incapable of knowing they’re ever wrong.

As far as his fans are concerned, they don’t care either. It’s that tribalistic team mentality that earns Donald their undying support.


This particular hypocrisy is not exactly eliciting a strong defense……………….


How can it? There were employers in Jersey paying Americans to do these jobs, paying the going rate.

This despicable family chose to cheat their competition and American workers to set up a system to supply themselves with illegals. Because greed and dirty.


Not sure I’m following you. From who, him or his supporters? The point of my post explains that. Neither care to defend it for the two different reasons I mentioned.


Essentially his supporters dont care. They’ll choose to ignore the story because it does make them uncomfortable.


His supporters. I never ceases to amaze me the lengths that are gone to to defend the indefensible.


I wonder how many of Trump’s Caravan of Illegal Underpaid Employees committed crimes, had anchor babies, or never went back to Costa Rica?


I’m sure some of them are good people!


Demand that he have nothing to do with running the hotel in DC, and then complain that he isn’t making them use e-verify.


A few years back, I got one of my dad’s friends to admit that back in the 80s, he knowingly hired illegals to work at his construction company. And now he’s a good conservative and wants it all to end. He got to retire comfortably off the backs of cheap, illegal labor, and helped create the situation we are in now, but is a good conservative and now wants it all to end.

Better late than never, I guess?


What? I don’t understand your post. I do have a question though, his properties have been hiring illegal aliens for decades, how do you feel about that?


Yes. It’s just like that.

This was going on for years and years.