From Boy Scouts to bomb plot suspects: What we know about the men arrested

So, a 20yo, 19yo, 18yo and 16yo stockpiled guns and some explosives so they could commit a terrorist act on American soil against a bunch of muslims? I’m really hoping this isn’t true. How do people that young generate that much hate?

Here are three of them…

I now recognize my error in the OP last night. I should have said it was Hispanic or Muslim men/boys and their target was Christians. Then this story would be huge.

Sounds like Rochester to me. It’s the water. Glad I won’t be back for a few months.

By the way, the facebook comments on the local news pages are disgusting, like most residents of my city.


I have a feeling their social networking presence will be interesting.

People have been selling hate since the beginning of time, right?

I don’t think the people that do it in America had any ideas what a boom they were in for right before social media exploded. Those sellers were just in the exact right place at the exact right time.

When I lived in Rochester in the sixties it was considered the friendliest city in America.

What caravan did these terrorists arrive in?

We must immediately build a wall around d Greece, NY.

They arrived in a port via the USS Neckbeard

Another example of why religion is evil. The world would be much better off if we could just poof away all the religions in existence since all they do is divide us.

I would gladly keep my religion private as God intended.

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I worked in NY state politics for a while, and I spent a lot of time living in motels all around the state working on some random State Senate elections, or mayoral elections, or whatever.

By far, Rochester is the worst city in the state of New York.

The only thing it has going for it is the second-best Dinosaur B-B-Q.

Food is the only good thing about Roc. I like Sticky Lips, personally. Their kitchen is filthy, but it’s worth it.