Friday Night Lights in Southeast Texas

Once again the stadium lights come on. The teams warm up at opposite ends while the marching band for each school plays the fight song. Cheerleaders, mascots, dance teams perform on the side lines and at halftime. Players and fans stand for the colors, kneel quietly while a down player is checked out and cheer when he gets up and limps off the field. ROTC students present the colors and run the length of the field with the school flag when we score a TD. Cheers when the team makes a good play, groans when the other side does. A hand shake at the end of the game, win or lose. And the school song at the end, everyone standing, heads and hands held high. Friday night lights in Texas. The game took 3 hours tonight, worked as a band volunteer helping out with the show. Have two of mine in the band. We lost last week, but won tonight, our first home game.


Well written. Sounds like a terrific atmosphere. Some of the greatest memories of my youth come from those games. There’s a very American character to them, too.

It was a really good time. The game was delayed an hour for lightening and it was still misting rain at the start, but even that added to the mood. Our stands were full and there was a pretty good showing on the visitors side too. And the great thing is this setting was repeated from coast to coast yesterday. For three hours my biggest worry was how long was the line going to be at the concession stand.