French global warming riots

That’s the issue.

Bad businesses are more of a local issue. Their main victims are their own workers, who lack organization and may be underpaid. After that, the localities in which they are located.

Bad government is a threat to all who live within a certain jurisdiction. It can be local or federal.

We can choose to buy a Ford, or Dodge, or a Honda, etc. We can go to Chiles instead of Red Lobster. Regarding government we are all forced to pay into things we don’t believe in or support.

Hey so you guys also realize that these protests are also about taxing the rich.

Riots will be here soon if the liberals don’t shape up.

Nope we can move.

That’s not government by and for the people is it?

That’s why government needs to be as small as possible. The smaller it is the fewer chances for taxpayer dollars to be abused.

Having to pay for something you don’t believe in or support is not abuse.

no the French government is trying to pay for their budget which include one month paid vacation, 30 hour work weeks, age 60 retirement.

Republican cheering on people calling for an tax on rich people :laughing:

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I keep trying to tell them that…but it is being pushed aside because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

Macron is basically a French Republican who thankfully won against a French NAZI.

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We’re witnessing the start of the end game of the EU. It started with the Greece debt crisis and since then has been hit by one thing after another. It doesn’t matter if it’s popular in countries like Slovenia. What matters are the bigger nations Germany, France, Britain, and Italy. If they start leaving it’s over, keep a look out for Italy.

But they wrap it in the global warming justification. Because the other reason sounds pretty selfish.

Global Warming is fake news.

Its amusing watching the nationalist/populist alt-right try to claim these rioters as their own.

They’re a lot closer to the dreaded ANTIFA than they are to you guys.

Lol. The people rioting are demanding a paycap of 15,000 Euro’s a month.

They want to tax the ■■■■ out of the rich.

There it is. :smile:

Nonsense. Antifa in the US does not even know what fascism is.

Repeat after me…“government good, businesses…baaaaaa, baaaaaa, baaaaaaad”.

…and all they’d have to do is look in a mirror for the answer.

If it is unconstitutional it is abuse of the people. Not persons. The people.