French global warming riots

The U.S. needs to learn from the violence in France. You do not punish the middle class for the failure of government to come up with a solution. Government, according to a lot of liberals is made up of the best and brightest problem solvers on Earth. Telling the middle class simply to pay more for the only energy source available is a horrible idea. The middle class is not responsible for the non creative thinking of government. Figure it out.

‘Non-creative thinking of government’ meaning a government that isn’t realist but rather one of fantasy and make believe. If scientists warnings had been heeded 30-40 years ago policies could have been enacted ages ago that would have staved off unrest. Instead we have what we have now. Real problems with real consequences and increasingly bad an expensive options. The children of the world have been handed a dying planet, increasingly authoritarian rule and crumbling civilization. They were told that the best days were ahead of us and now they are find out they are not in profound and existential ways. And they’ll have to pay for it to attempt to make it less hellish. It’s game over.

The plan of punishing the middle class is a proven loser. Try again folks.

I mean people do understand that the other half of the equation that led to this resentment was Macron getting rid of the wealth tax… right?

Maybe. But I don’t think that they worry about other people’s tax rates all that much. It doesn’t effect their lives at all. What does effect their lives is paying 7 bucks a gallon for gas in the name of global warming.

Of course they worry about other tax rates.

If the wealthy are seen getting a break on the backs of the middle class then there will be unrest.

The “forgotten man” to the yellow jackets are the ones who are pushing back against Macron putting forth pro business policies that the GOP love to push here.

Sadly this is making LePen more popular and the social infection that come with her politics.

Not this time. When the government is wiping you out through punishing gas prices, the primary concern is your own survival. Hating the rich and class warfare takes a back seat. Way, way in back.

Because the French govt is trying to make the people poorer. Just like California. That’s what high energy prices do. It also causes people to get cold in the winter leading to more death.

So, a win win for leftists…

The wealthy politicians and Rich Globalists use the middle class as slaves to pay for the poor’s healthcare and global warming.

Things cost money but people do not want to have costs attached to things. Big part of how the world found itself in this situation.

This is class warfare, not some silly ass tea party joke.

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Add to that financial and tax policies that concentrate wealth at the top.

They are literally chanting “down with the bourgeois!”

Doesn’t get more class conflicted than that.

It makes you wonder why aren’t these amazing people creating amazing businesses and technologies that fix all these problems?

Because it’s government’s job to reward or punish based on their “wisdom.” Can you imagine what travel would be like if the government ran the airlines? I can’t in God’s name understand why anyone would vote to give government more control over anything.

I trust it more than I do business.

Shouldn’t trust either one completely.

I don’t but I trust govt more than I trust business.

They use the middle class to buy votes from the poor to keep them in power.

It’s not a competition. You are allowed to distrust both. They are both made up of people with the exact same flaws. The difference is that business cannot control my life without my consent. Government does it by force. Anyone who wants to give government more control over their life is a fool.