FREEZE OUT: DHS Unveils New ‘Northern Border Strategy’ After Trudeau’s Remarks | Sean Hannity

The Department of Homeland Security outlined a “strengthened” border security strategy with Canada Tuesday; unveiling the new procedures just days after Prime Minister Trudeau warned the United States that his country “will not be pushed around” by tariffs.

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Who writes these?

In 2017, DHS conducted an assessment of Northern Border security and concluded that
while the Northern Border remains an area of limited threat in comparison to the U.S.
Southern Border, safeguarding and securing the Northern Border presents unique

1 The most common threat to U.S. public safety along the Northern Border
continues to be the bi-directional flow of illicit drugs. Transnational criminal
organizations (TCOs) are also active along the border and they continually adapt their
drug production, smuggling methods, and routes to avoid detection by U.S. and
Canadian law enforcement. Potential terror threats are primarily from homegrown
violent extremists in Canada who are not included in the U.S. Government’s
consolidated terrorist watch list and could therefore enter the United States legally at
Northern Border ports of entry (POEs) without suspicion.

Someone who is hoping nobody clicks on the source material they link. Has nothing to do with Trudeau

It’s just propaganda. Somebody is hoping to control the narrative ahead of the ass-kicking the Republicans are going to take in November.

And then they have the stones to talk about “fake news” and “CNN propaganda”. Amazing.