Freedom of speech

Yep the media gives cover to the One Horse Dog Faced Pony Soldier, our Eggplant-in-Chief.

I don’t want to say Let’s go Brandon.

The left isn’t leaving me much choice in the matter at this point.


Ok. Let’s have the hearing. Show up when subpoenaed!

Have accountability!!

Come on, Tom, calm down. Get that paper bag out. Breath.

Do not say, Let’s go Brandon. I will say it for you. Mr. .Manatee.

I would like to Impeach Our Eggplant-in-Chief, the One Horse Dog Faced Pony Soldier, for giving Islamic terrorists millions in US Weapons.


the U.S. government transferred to the Afghan government more than $28 billion worth of defence articles and services, including weapons, ammunition, vehicles, night-vision devices, aircraft, and surveillance systems, from 2002 to 2017.

Most all left for the Taliban. And, we left behind American Citizens, green card holders, and Afghans who worked along side US military.

Now back to Lets go Brandon and Gloria comparing it to burning the US flag, which many liberals support.

God Bless the :us: United States of America :us: and our :us: Federal Republic :us: Let’s Make America Great Again :us: in 2022 and 2024.

Let’s Go Brandon

Think of it as taking back the letters LGB.

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Oh that is why it is offensive with liberals. I did not think of that angle. Thank you for pointing that out @Rurudyne

Who gives a ■■■■■

I mean honestly… why does it matter?

Snowfinch, Snowfinch, Snowfinch.

That heavy hitting post race nascar interview journalism.

No one will believe them now.

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I can type ■■■■ Joe Biden all day long.

Nothing will happen.

Apparently it means something to you. :joy::joy::joy:

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I do not believe most journalists in the Lamestream Fake News Media I added one more to my list. Let’s Go Brandon

Do you even know the name of that interviewer?

But you will not. :sneezing_face:

I was reminded of that in this forum shortly after Let’s Go Brandon first surfaced.

Brown was being interviewed by sportscaster Kelli Stavas, and the chant was very clear. But Kelli said it was Let’s Go Brandon