Freedom of Speech? Equal Rights?

In today’s world to the far left insane Liberal Media, and to people like Maxine Watters,
do Republicans have rights any more? I mean really think about it, and ask yourself this question; If you’re a Democrat you have every freedom in the world, but if you’re a Republican, do you really have things like freedom of speech fully, and freedom to feel and think how you really want too? When someone like Maxine Watters says to the Democrat voters to “harass and attack anyone that thinks or supports Donald Trump, and Republicans”. Basically what it does is it’s a scare tactic, and it’s working some what. It’s suppose to scare Republican and Trump supporters to the point where they won’t voice their opinions, forcefully taking away their voices. I guess the Democrats and liberal media didn’t expect Republicans, and Trump supporters to fight back though? lol.

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Again, you are attributing to her something she didn’t actually say, which makes the whole post trash because the premise is trash.

That said, even if we lent any credence to the premise, it would beg this question…are you simply mad because you are ever so close to being back to a world where calling a spade a spade is once again acceptable, but just can’t nudge everyone that last needed inch to get there?

You are still as free to be as big a bigot as you would choose to be (not saying you are one, just noting that if you are one, you are free to be one), you just no longer have the safety net that there won’t be consequences for those actions anymore. You are free to hate on anyone you want to, you just won’t have the backing of the government to do so anymore.

Just because our president is doing his level best to normalize piss poor behavior doesn’t mean we as a nation should just embrace it.

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So you’re saying that she doesn’t tell people to harass Trump, and his cabinet members?
That they’re not welcome any more, anywhere? Sounds like she doesn’t want Trump and his cabinet members to have any legal rights at all. What do you think it sounds like she’s saying?

Hmmm, I know, let’s ask Republican Steve Scalise what he thinks she meant? lol.

If being called to task for abhorrent attitudes makes a Trump supporter uncomfortable, maybe they should look at those attitudes before crying foul that someone called them on them.

She didn’t call for anyone to be attacked. Nothing you posted above proves otherwise.

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Oh, and about that Steve Scalise comment…maybe you could first ask Gabby Giffords how she felt about Sarah Palin telling supporters to put Democrats in thier crosshairs…because someone took that stupid ■■■■ seriously too.

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“Your whole post is trash, because the premise is trash.”

You’re not answering my questions. I answered yours. Why are you unwilling to answer mine?

Your premise WAS trash. I answered you. She didn’t call for anyone to attack anyone, as you posited.

I’m simply using the same standard for Maxine Waters that we are told we must use for Donald Trump…that being that if he didn’t actually say a specific phrase, it can’t be interpreted that he meant something else. She didn’t actually call for anyone to attack anyone, and as such, you saying she did is patently false.

As I said to someone in a different thread on this subject…even if you are correct about the underlying meaning, it goes a ways in showing shes smarter than the President, as she was at least smart enough not to ACTUALLY call for violence against others, unlike Donald did at more than one campaign rally.

Well that’s totally untrue. That had absolutely nothing to do with it, Loughner wasn’t motivated by it, at least nobody has ever remotely shown he was.

Was the guy who shot Scalise “motivated” by the comments Waters made a year after the shooting?

Both sides have people making comment telling supporters to fight back against their preserved enemies.

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You mean the exact same imagery that democrats had been using for years and continue to?

Oh, the outrage!


Republicans. Perpetual victims.

You are aware that Sarah Palin made those comments and that imagery showed up like 5 YEARS before any of the stories you posted, right?

The right created and perpetuated that imagery, not the left.

At least try to be intellectuallu honest enough to admit you screwed the pooch on that one.

“Has and has continued to use”. They used the same imagery for decades prior to and have continued to do so sine.

Gor some evidence of that?

Of course.

I’ll be waiting on your apology.

They are the second coming of Jesus innocent of any wrong doing ever.

What apology would you be expecting? I didnt see anything in that article that proved that Democrats had ever used the imagery of Republican politicians in firearm crosshairs.

Maybe you meant to link to a different article or something, or you would like to point out a particular passage you think supports your claim.

Exactly what I suspected from you. Thanks for being consistent.

The article of course uses the exact same “targeting” imagery democrats have used for decades and continue to.