Freedom marches against lockdowns in London; are they coming to the US?

I don’t understand, if your children are not the motivation to fight for your freedom… my grandfather and my grandad did not fight in the First World War and the Second World War as snipers to not be under a ■■■■■■■ dictatorship, for it to happen now in 2020 . . . London protestor

Thousands of protestors attended in London against new lockdowns in Britain and were broken up by police. As the link notes, similar protests for more politically correct issues went on without a reaction from police.

Meanwhile even Hollywood celebrities are rejecting the new California lockdown rules that require masks, outdoor location, no more than three households, and other restrictions for Thanksgiving and other family gatherings.

Will California attempt to enforce its new restrictions?

Will Californians be forced to don BLM tee sheets to have legal “protests” instead of illegal Thanksgiving family gatherings?

Will London-style protests become common if here if Democrat governors follow Europe’s lead with more lockdown?

my grandfather and my grandad did not fight in the First World War and the Second World War as snipers to not be under a ■■■■■■■ dictatorship, for it to happen now in 2020,” she added, going on to urge the rest of the country to “wake up”.

Thankfully these brats weren’t around during the second world war. Britain would have been bombed into a fine dust with folks like her protesting blackouts.


They’ll get blamed for spreading the Kung Flu since they won’t be smashing any windows.


My freedom march will be to the polls to vote for Trump on election day which will totally work against a lockdown. A vote for Biden on the other hand…

My fellow Americans, you get what you vote for…just sayin…:sunglasses:


Wow, when was Trump in London and California?

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Sure they’ll enforce it. They can get all the cops and other law enforcement people they’ve defunded, disbanded and thrown under the bus and form a new CALIFORNIA LOCKDOWN ENFORCEMENT SQUAD. Cool uniforms with hats and jackets that say CLES and the authority to use deadly force on those in non compliance.

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They would have joined the Germans.

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California has a full blown idiot at the helm. :roll_eyes:

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I did that march 1st day of early voting.

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Liberate London!


That’s"future President Newsom" to you.

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Beloved Boris held emergency presser:

I was watching Premier League on TV, you could see the players on the bench watching this on their phones.

I’ll participate in such protests here in Massachusetts if our RINO Governor gets any more ideas about lockdowns. Am already hoping the local library loses taxpayer funding since they have refused to open it, but don’t mind if the rest of us go to both B & N & indie bookstores.

Good for the English! They know their history & their predecessors didn’t fight so they could hide in a basement & peer outside the window once in awhile.


Kudos too to Hollywood performers who aren’t blindly going along with Newsom’s orders.

Not if he keeps this up.

Sounds like many of his constituents in California are getting fed up with his shenanigans.

Nationwide approval?

I don’t think so.

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The English are proving less likely to cave into demands to cut off various services during COVID 19 than many Americans.

My local library is still “closed to contain the spread of Coronavirus.” :face_with_monocle:. You mean it doesn’t hang out at Barnes and Noble? Or the local indie seller or Amazon warehouse?

They actually do offer curbside pickup. Isn’t that noble? Those who may have needed access to computers for job searches or other purposes may be at a disadvantage.

I really do hope with a shutdown & peer out the blinds mentality like this they totally lose their taxpayer funding. As for me, I’m enjoying B & N & grabbed a few at the local small town equivalent.

I’m sure, as in the 2008 recession, they’ll be crying :sob: about how their communities need them. Feh!

These marches are fairly small and a bit of a ragtag bunch.

For example, one of the leaders is Piers Corbyn, brother of Jeremy the ex Labour leader recently suspended due to antisemitism. He’s a climate change denier who thinks 5g masts cause covid

On the other hand you have a bunch of right wingers who would feel that being asked to turn off lights during the Blitz was an affront to their civil liberties.

There is very strong public support for a second lock down, which should have happened weeks ago when SAGE recommended it.

Newsome is a dictator wanna be just like Whitmer of mich and some other dem governors.

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