Freedom Caucus (you know, the Tea Partiers ;) ) calls on Rosenstein to testify or resign

You really want to go down a list of stupid things people did when they where young?

Okie dokie…

I’m not paying you…

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I was reading am article written by a boomer who wrote how his generation is the most entitled group of people he has met.

They wanted government programs but not to pay taxes even if it means cutting out future generations.

He talked about how in the grocery store it his generation that will go to the 12 item or less with a full cart.

He gave a many examples I will have to find the article.

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Damnit see now I just lost half my income

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About a month ago I saw multiple commercials here in central Texas for Gym Jordan for Speaker Of The House. I don’t see them anymore.

Let’s hear it for gen x. We are the ones who designed and programmed all this stuff we are using to argue about this.

The National debt has recently reached 21.5 trillion dollars. The National debt has increased by 7.66% under Trump. And Trump inherited a good economy.

Funny I was told the job of Congress was to kept a check on the balance of power of the president not cover for the president.

If Trump announced tomorrow he was assuming dictator powers the Republican Congress seems to be the folks to say ok.