" Free Daniel Albert Neja "

Hey Daniel Albert Neja a homeless free spirit was camped out in a suite and scored free food, nice place to stay, and was not hurting anyone. I say let the brother stay there and give him a security job. " Free Daniel Albert Neja " from society and police oppression.



:rofl: :sunglasses:

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We all want a free ride :rofl: :sunglasses: :metal::metal:

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See we can agree. Thank me very much, dear Brother. Let’s defund the rowdies.

Neja was charged with resisting an officer without violence and burglary of an unoccupied structure, and is currently being held on a $5,150 bond.

Where is he going to get the money?

Meanwhile they’re letting releasing rich kids out after looting and rioting all night without any bond.


He is an oppressed minority a forgotten soul no one cares about, Bro. You hit the nail on the head. If he resisted with violence he would have been in a peaceful.protest and let go.

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Are we obligated to care? :man_shrugging:

You are damn right we are, @altair1013. "Free Daniel Albert Neja " He is a citizen of the world. :cowboy_hat_face:

AOC approves of this thread. :sunglasses:

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AOC, AOC, AOC. She is a cheap liberal answer to Our President Trump.

AOC should be outside of the District. Her agenda is very strange.