Frankly there’s just too many white people in here . . .when we see too many white people in here

Imagine if you changed the word “white” to black in those two lines?

How do you think the Lame stream media would react? How do you think Most liberals would react?

Well here is the entire quote by a “person of color” on white students using a multicultural center on a college campus:

“Excuse me, if y’all didn’t know, this a [Multicultural Student Center] and frankly there’s just too many white people in here and this a space for people of color,” the young woman said. “So just be really cognizant of the space that you’re taking up because it does make some of us POCs uncomfortable when we see too many white people in here.”

Had a white student said something like this about blacks, there would be calls to kick her out of school. Find out where she works and get her fired. There would be protests on campus. Lame stream media would run with it night and day.

Not a peep about this (that I can find) on CNN.

See and hear crap like this over and over and over – yet the same people who say crap like this call people like Trump and Rush racist.

Multi Cultural doesn’t mean BLACK. As the University (to their credit) put out. It’s a place for people of ALL Culturs to gather.

Agreed. But they do say this, just not out loud. But I do think that student should be banned from that center if she’s going to harass people.

Was wondering what took so long for this to pop up as a thread…lol.

And yes that woman was in the wrong btw…

Makes one wonder, if you think she was in the wrong, why you didn’t think it was thread worthy :smiley:

I suspect what the young lady was actually stressed about was the lack of people of color using the facility. I think it’s a good sign however that a lot of white people are interested enough to go learn what kind of knowledge might be offered there. She may not have considered it from that angle.

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She was not ‘irate’ and she did not ‘shout’. What a load of crap on the New York Post!

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Because I dont think its a big deal/thread worthy. If threads were started for every stupid action/statement from either side it would be ridiculous. Gotta pick ones arguments, like being married…lol

She was stupid.

This will be a short thread.


It’s OK to be racist against white people and it’s OK that only white people complain when racism towards white people occurs.

We can’t just go getting rid of racism without whitey getting a taste of what their ancestors did. :man_shrugging:


I thought the whole purpose of various multicultural outreaches was to get individuals of varying colors, cultures and faiths acquainted with one another.

I guess not.

Per the original post’s linked article, the expletive cursed white students for daring to set foot in the multicultural center. I’m glad the University President stated the true mission of the center, which is to be informative and inclusive of ALL.

Per expletive who should not be a student at a state university as she can’t seem to stand the idea of persons other than her background there, “…there aren’t a lot of places us poc’s can be. You have your spaces, let us have ours.”

Sounds more like a child in the single digit years wanting to restrict access to a treehouse, making her not mentally a college student’s age. She should be working or performing military service to help her grow up before she attends ANY college.

There was none of that in the video I saw, she was pretty calm, so the article was full of ■■■■ if that video is all she said. Had there been I likely would have responded differently.

Here’s the video. Why is it white students cannot come to the MSC? Is she aware the abbreviation “poc” is used in the medical world for products of conception to describe a spontaneous or legal abortion for analysis?

Is that how she sees non white students? Why is it nonwhite students don’t feel comfortable around white students in this day and age?

And how is the University of Virginia segregated, as she claims? “There aren’t a lot of spaces for us…” There are whites only spaces at the UVA?

This student needs to get a civilian job or join the U S Armed Forces and try that “this is our space” nonsense there. It didn’t work at the university and it won’t work with any employer. She clearly isn’t grown up enough for college.

This is definitely making the rounds on conservative sites. I wonder why :thinking:

Anyway, she was wrong and no better than those prejudice white folks who also think like her. This center is all inclusive, so she need to sit down. I went to an HBCU and a member of a BGLO, however one thing we have never done is exclude our white brothers and sisters.

One of my former athletes who is a black student at UVA was talking about this on her social media and they were getting on this girl’s case about this. If I could ever have a conversation with this young lady I would say, be better, do better.


Why does she need separate space for black people?

Love it. Good take! Could harness energy to get more POCs to use the facility.

Additionally, if she wants time to spend with people who look like her (totally fine - only 1 in 14 undergrad students at UVA are black - and it can suck when no one looks like you), there are 3 black sororities and 4 black fraternities on campus.

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I accept your admission that she was not irate and the article is completely full of ■■■■■

Was she at a dimocrat debate??

Does racism impact the daily lives of white people?
This is a serious question.

If it’ll make you feel any better…there are LOTS OF PLACES where people of color are not permitted. Some of them are called sun down towns. I have accidentally been to a few of them LOL LOL LOL