Frankly, I don't know what DeSantis is hoping to accomplish with this redistricting insanity

DeSantis has finally managed to bully the Florida Legislature in to submitting to his will and passing his personal redistricting map.

It will probably survive State Court review. At this point, between Scott and DeSantis, enough friendly Judges exist on the Florida District Courts of Appeals and the Florida Supreme Court that those courts will essentially rubber stamp any piece of crap the legislature poops out.

It will probably last exactly a tenth of a second in Federal Court. This map strips away all but two black districts and most Hispanic districts. It blatantly violates the Florida Fair Districts Amendments and the Voting Rights Act.

DeSantis isn’t being shy. His map is 20 Republican to 8 Democrat in a State that is nearly evenly divided in most recent elections.

I am sure the Federal Courts are already drafting a replacement map. :smile:

For everybody’s amusement, here is the map that will likely be official for maybe one day before a Federal Court enjoins it: :smile:

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I can’t suss out the exact calculation behind this move, but generally speaking, he has got to put out BIG authoritarian, we aren’t gonna take it, screw the libs energy if he wants to displace Trump in 2024

That actually may not be far off the mark. He is wanting to displace Trump as the 2024 nominee.

He clearly knows this map will not survive a second.

Hmmmmm seems to be a mirror image of Maryland’s crap:



They are not “liberals” or “progressives”. They are Socialist Revolutionaries, the very kind who took over Cuba and now rule over the people with an iron fist.

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I agree with the court striking down Maryland’s map, but the comparison is not close. Maryland tried a map that would have given Democrats at least 7 seats and possibly all 8. The courts replace it with a map that gives Democrats 6 seats, Republicans 1 seat, with one swing district. Maryland is a heavily Democratic state and Republicans would likely carry no more than 2 districts with no gerrymandering.

Florida on the other hand is an evenly divided State and 20 to 8 is just plain greed. 16 to 12 I could see, but not 20 to 8.

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But, but, but what about…

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I was ok with Democrats plan to redistrict New York (recently struck down by a court) and I’m equally ok with this .


Relax, have a beer. Have you forgotten . . . elections have consequences …

i see no issues with it. if it survives the state courts, it’ll make it through scotus

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Elections may have consequences, but America has courts to stop Legislature, whether Florida, Maryland, New York or elsewhere from stepping out of line.

I don’t need to relax.

I already know the Federal Courts are going to give Florida a spanking and put them back in line.

Yup! What about how amusing this crap is? Political hacks at each others throats. And that slays me!



“Any excuse will serve a tyrant.” – Aesop

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Not my circus. Not my monkeys.

Let Floridians take care of it if they have a problem with it. :person_shrugging:


So why get your panties all bunched up in a knot?

There are more important things to be concerned about, e.g., our Commander in Chief who is advancing a variety of policies which are destroying the United States from within ___ importing, by the millions, the poverty stricken, poorly educated, low skilled, diseased, disabled, and criminal populations of other countries into the United States; allowing deadly drugs to flood across our border; inflating our currency to a degree its purchasing power is drastically falling and prices are increasing to unbearable levels for America’s families; shutting down, by needles regulations, our country’s ability to produce cheap fuel and be energy independent; and all this is in addition to the Democrat Party Leadership sexually grooming and propagandizing innocent and vulnerable grade school children.

Is it not reasonable to believe these policies amount to an intentional and domestic attack on the United States and her citizens?


let us not forget during the coming election what the Revolutionary Democrat Party Leadership has done to our businesses, our families, our children and our homeland.

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NONE of which are the subject of this thread. If you want to talk about those things, go to the appropriate thread.


Is that your admission there are more important things to be concerned about, some of which I referenced?


Our nation’s democrat party leadership now personifies a living creature, a predator: it grows, it multiplies, it protects itself, it feeds on those it can defeat, and does everything to expand its powers over the people and flourish, even at the expense of enslaving a nation’s inner cities’ entire population.

Not at all.

Well, that is what I thought, and that is “on you”.

no, they’re not.

He is trying to challenge the VRA… probably.

That’s pretty funny given the number of your ops where you suggest people should move on if they don’t stick to approved topics

So which of your gifs are ya gonna use? Can’t wait.