Franklin Graham Asks Christians Nationwide to Pray for President Trump June 2

I think one of the leading evangelical people in our country just called for a National Day of Prayer for Trump. He’s calling on other evangelicals/Christians to pray for one of the most corrupt and vile leaders we’ve ever had because he thinks (obviously more moral) people talk about the vile things he’s done too much or oppose his policies.

Is he just discounting all the horrible stuff Trump has done like putting parts of his body inside of a porn star and paying her off while his wife was home? Or cheating people out of money? Or policies where children are dying in detention?

I’ve told you guys that I live in the South around a ton of evangelicals and I’m now seeing people leaving their churches. What’s going to be left are just the hardcores in certain churches. Mark my words.

Donald Trump. Man of God.

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Is the prayer going to be for Trump to do the right things for the country and bring about the presidential pivot or is it going to be to jail all those guilty of “treason” and take the fight to the media, the true enemy of the American people?

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He must have forgotten about the Civil War…

“President Trump’s enemies continue to try everything to destroy him, his family, and the presidency. In the history of our country, no president has been attacked as he has. I believe the only hope for him, and this nation, is God.”

Funny how libs think their morals are superior. :rofl:


Oh the victim card…cool

I’ll be glad to pray. My prayer will be the text of Psalm 109:8.


wont count unless you get a Trump autographed bible you know


We’re laughing at libs!

Lol - I’ll pass. I wouldn’t want any Bible that Trump autographed.

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It’s extra valuable if you get it signed at the beginning of Two Corinthians.


i love when the left lectures on about morality

< beer sip >


and peeing on the constitution. neat.

I’m sure…simple things and alll

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Oh look…a lib pretending to care about the Constitution. How sweet.

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Conans doing his shtick again…wooo


aw. miss me?

The pastors in my churches would pray for people like this instead of Trump…

Amazing how Jesus seems to be a registered Republican to these evangelicals.

Quite sick how they’re weaponizing Christianity as a political tool.

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About a year ago Graham was asked about Trump’s former sins. His response was that when Trump became POTUS he changed into a man of God. Yeah right. And I love the deflections about Libs talking about morality and the Constitution. Trump supporters just can’t ever, ever be honest and call it like it is.

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Those who supported Trump in 2016 lost any credibility when it comes to saying anything about morality.