Frame Trump! Frame Trump! Frame Trump!


Your so funny. What about FOX? LOL


What about Fox? I admit they have their flaws, and aren’t perfect, but if you wish to talk about social media controlling thee country’s minds in general then let’s talk! The owner of Facebook is Liberal Democrat, The owners of the 3 major companies that own what most people get in this country for free on t.v wise NBC, ABC, and CBS. That means if they don’t get cable, the statistically and mathematically you’re going to listen to liberal biased media in general. CNN, MSNBC, or any other cable affiliate compared to Fox News is destroyed easily on a regular basis for a reason! It’s because some, but not even most or all of Fox News are Conservatives. To me, part of draining thee swamp needs to be draining thee swamp at Fox News!!! If they’re smart enough to do so??? Just like I said a long time ago that Meghan Kelly wasn’t really a Conservative, or even Republican! lol. Trump needs to go through his entire campaign people, and through Republican Senators, and the House, and especially the judges, and make as much possible all hugely Conservative and far to the right, because if he doesn’t, especially with everything and everyone against him on the far left, then ultimately he will make America far worse than better, at least Conservative wise.


I’m not ganna lie. I do find you pathetic, because of Mueller, and how evil he is, and that you have him as your profile picture icon. Right now it’s only speculation how evil he really is, but I do believe that within time, he will be completely destroyed! Especially when a widow has gone after him for lying for 9-11. lol. And that is thee only beginning! He is rapt up in so many things evil wise, it’s pathetic!!! Why he has any power, and isn’t in prison already is beyond my level of comprehension!!! lol.


Smart, Intellectually curious, risk taking, open minded people have a knack for starting successful businesses. Perhaps that’s why “liberals” tend to run the successful entertainment networks. And news networks. And internet communication platforms. And write the best music. And books. I could go on. Whine all you want - why aren’t conservatives opening more massively successful networks? Why are you mad a liberals for being good at it? It’s kind of sad.


If they are so correct why isnt the republic congress investigating them? Why no special prosecutor assign? Tell me the answer to this?


Uh he has “power” because the Trump administration hired him. He isn’t in prison because in order to go to prison you have to be convicted of crimes.

Being an isolated super genius you should be able to sort out this stuff.


This earns a time out for most, what do you wanna bet that wont happen here.


How sick do you find it that Barrack Insane Obama, Lorretta Lynch, and James Comey had to make sure that Hillary got off the hook, and that they had to come up with an excuse to frame Trump because Hillary and the Democrats are so pathetic? It’s thee Democrats corruption at its finest levels! No wonder Chicago is so Liberal Democrat! It’s been corrupt for over 100 years! lol. Talk about sanctioned cities and illegal Democrats! lol. This is where the Democrats literally implode upon themselves for being so ignorant, and down right no common sense stupid because they do nothing but constantly contradict what they supposedly stand for like equality.

What I do really enjoy about most Democrats, especially intelligent ones, is that they will never answer most questions that conservatives ask in general. lol! Do you want to know why? It’s because most of thee time they won’t have a logical or moral answer on a regular basis! They will have any excuse in the world that you want! Just like most immoral players of women do! lol.


Willy, I know that you probably don’t make any common sense to most, but can’t you at least try, even though you’re a Democrat?


what is a republic congress?


You got all 3 branches l, where are the indictments? Where are the investigations? Where are the convictions? About what point are is the GOP every going to live up to the promises they continually make to you and you lap up like a thirst dog?


Case in point Mueller the “witch hunt” has managed to get more indictments in a year against gop operatives than in 8 years of Obama. Now the GOP has all the power in the country to nail the deep state and what have you, how many have they collard? Zero, zip, zilch. Bout time you ask yourself why.


What is a thirst dog? I did enjoy watching Tucker Carlson tonight, because of how many truths I did think about the woman that sued while Mueller was in there, and I’m not ganna lie, but personally, if you find Mueller innocent, than I have no respect for you at all, if you can’t at least say that he is extremely guilty to some fault. To me you’re like that little animated character that constantly runs around as fast as he can on purpose to be annoying on purpose, but then simply gets crushed at thee end. lol.


I’d really appreciate if you answered my questions? Why won’t you give me that much respect? Is it because you’re a liberal, and that as a Conservative you don’t think that I don’t deserve any respect? ………………“Are you watching closely?”


You forgot to mention Deep State in your post.


He’s a member of the Deep State. I saw him at the meeting last week.


I’m not sure what you mean? Do you mean thee fact that most states don’t get allowed to actually do what thee constitution says that they can do? lmao. And they don’t get allowed simply because of what thee Democrats have done to Americans, and society in general?


RESPECT? Are you lecturing people here about RESPECT?


You are actually correct. We discussed all of those topice at our last Deep State meeting.


what last Deep State meeting?