Frame Trump! Frame Trump! Frame Trump!


I did not bother to read the rest of your word salad.

, You seem to have…issues.

Good day.


I find that normal is boring anyways.
You have a great day madam


What do you think American People?


There you go again using that word in a derogatory way. The proper word is schizoid. Use to describe a person suffering from different forms of schizophrenic type of behaviors. You cheapen an actual diagnosis. It would be like me calling you a retard, cheapens an actual diagnosis of Autism, Down Syndrome or epilepsy or Cerebral Palsey. To call someone schetzoid is actually offensive…as would be calling you a retard be offensive to people who have autism or other developmental disabilities. You of all people should have the sensibility to not use the word!


Unhinged . . .




No. Not you. I replied to the OP. It didn’t tag it for some reason.


I liked your post.


Just making sure! And Thanks… You are correct in your assessment!