Frame Trump! Frame Trump! Frame Trump!


SERiously trump is the devil incarnate.


If you think I care if an anonymous poster has respect for me, you are sadly mistaken.

Fact is Mueller was highly respected by conservatives and Republicans prior to this appointment as special prosecutor. Then that happened and those on the right went straight into character assasination, which is pretty much SOP.

Step away from the spoon fed Fox News for a minute and evaluate all sources of information, you might just learn a thing or two.


How do you figure? Hey, weren’t you the one with a picture of Robert Mueller as your profile picture icon? Talk about evil. lol.


Did you know American Dad is taken from Robert Mueller?


sweet! cool!


I think it would be interesting to find out how much Mueller got to shut down the investigation and look the other way on the Uranium One deal.


Personally, I want some answers, and think that thee American people do to. They deserve them, and they’re sick and tired of the government taking their sweet ass time on everything that they do. Oops, time to go on another vacation, we actually had to work for like a day.
That is why they all hate Trump is because he’s makes them look bad. He’s exposing how lazy most of the politicians really are. They’re not even half way done with the first thing, and he’s rapping up the tenth thing, and he does things how thee average joe wants them done a lot of the time. Not how the lying politicians say that they’re going to do things, and then never live up to it.


Are you playing the Kevin Bacon game here? Cool!


Fnord, brother.


“Feelings. Nothing more than feelings.”


Like what?
The wall that Mexico was going to pay for?
Repeal and replace Obamacare?
Lock her up?
NK denuclearization?
Immigration reform?

That’s just a few.


I realize that Donald Trump is no Obama. I mean Obama got the Nobel peace prize before even really accomplishing anything at all. lol.
And I know how impressed at the rate that things get done under Trump, but he can’t do
everything right away. Some things may take time. Don’t worry, he’ll get there on the main ones.
At least Trump is moving forward, and taking steps to do so with NK Denuclearization, Obamacare, cleaning the Swamp(which yes has people like the Clintons in it), and immigration reform(or haven’t you been on this site lately, when the Democrats keep preaching about the illegal immigration?). So overall, yes, Trump is doing a lot more than many presidents before him have done. Owe, especially when Slick Willy came on national Television and talked about he was denuking north Korea, and yet, why do they have nukes today? lol. might wanna think that one over first.
You see Paco. May I call ya Paco? You see Paco, a real Conservative like Trump has to clean up after Democrats/ Radical Socialists like yourself and the Clintons because they’re one thee ones cause most of thee problems in America. lol.


any answer to what I posted to your response?


Best way to deal with bullies is to punch them on the nose.


So you’re saying that you condone violence, just like other Radical left wing Democratic politicians do?


Figuratively speaking of course. Bullies always back down when you defend yourself.


Figuratively speaking of course. But the Democrats are never bullies at all correct? I mean, it’s not like they would ever pick on innocent women and children correct?


Actually…you have earned that title by the handful of posts of yours, that scream lunatic fringe.
AKA, Trumpist.


Did you vote for Trump?
Thee far left have so many insane sketzoids that believe in things like aliens and conspiracy theory’s. I simply figured that Conservatives needed at least one crazy person on their side also.
lmao. You see, I am an extreme, extreme rarity for what I believe, for most people on either side of thee spectrum. I’m not accepted by most, or hardly by anyone, anywhere, at any time. I’ve had to walk alone so to speak, most of my entire life, and I’m use to that. You see, most people like me are always liberal Democrats, but I’m objective, and try to live and learn from my mistakes overtime. I seek truth within this world, and even though both parties have faults, I lean towards thee party that I find has less faults.


We’re you this upset over length of time the Benghazi and whitewater investigations took?