Fox's Cavuto fact checking Trump

Things have gotten surreal when Fox News pundits are allowed to openly correct Trump on his misrepresentations of reality:

"Trump has cut numerous financial and environmental regulations, slamming them and Obama’s economy as disasters. But Cavuto explained why those attacks are unfounded.

“It was not a disaster under Barack Obama,” Cavuto said. “Not only did the Dow essentially triple under his tenure, but whether you want to call the increased regulations and other things that police financial companies as the banr of existence, those companies did very well. Americans did very, very well.”

Cavuto also mentions the unemployment rate going from 10% to 4.7%, and that while the recovery might have been weak it was because we were coming off “a meltdown.”

Whether Cavuto is correct in his assessment is of less interest to me than the fact that FOX news is allowing its pundits to openly fact check Trump as his speeches are unfolding. Strange times.

Fox News is obviously a member of the "deep state"™ now.

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I expect nothing less. Fox is the most trusted news source for a reason. They report the good and the bad about anyone. CNN et al, not so much.

Either socialism causes unprecedented growth and prosperity or Obama was the worst socialist ever.


I admit I don’t watch Fox so I wasn’t certain. Is this something they’ve done from day one - interrupt Trump’s speeches to correct his misstatements?

Does CNN interrupt Biden’s to correct his? Do they ever? I’ve heard more then one FNC person criticize Trump, I don’t recall anyone at the other networks ever doing anything else but criticize Trump.

I’m not asking you to compare CNN or any other network to FOX - I don’t watch those networks either. All I’m asking you is whether FOX has always interrupted Trump’s speeches to correct his statements, or is this a recent development?

why would they need to interrupt him to do so? seems rather rude.

further, as i read it, cavuto didn’t correct trump so much as interject his own opinion.

because Donald Trump is a known compulsive liar and regularly spreads false information.


as does biden. so what?

Biden isn’t the topic here. Although, it is refreshing to see some Republicans and Conservatives hold their own to higher standards that Democrats and Liberals do.

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yes, it is a higher standard than liberal hold their own to.

as it should be. I really don’t hold Democrats to any standard, and it’s been disappointing to see the Republican Party get behind a corrupt New York con-man and not hold him accountable.

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Agreed. And kudos to Fox if they’ve been doing this since day one of Trump’s adminiatration.

You get both pro and anti Trumpers at Fox. Pretty much 100 percent among the “media” Trump haters.

Cavuto is a virulent Never Trumper. From the get go.

Only took … check abacus … nearly 4 years!!!

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So who is a Trump lover?

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Trump was lying anyway…so Cavuto thought he was doing Americans a service by interrupting.

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As did Chris Wallace…lol