FOXNews: Judge rules New York City bar can refuse service to Trump supporter wearing MAGA hat

I agree with this ruling.
I don’t know all the details. I think it’s outrageous that it happened, but, I agree with the ruling.

Seems the details are pretty weird.
The guy was actually served and left a big tip. He told the judge his hat was related to his spiritual beliefs, uhhhh okay maybe,
etc. etc…

I dunno.
Im thinking of deleting this and waiting for a less weird case.

Maybe China is better suited for libs.

Good. Send 'em to China. :slight_smile:

Good ruling. Bad reason.

that doesn’t surprise me.

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doesn’t this ruling have disparate impact upon white people?

Nah. Just really stupid people.


MAGA loser trying to parlay his perceived victimhood into a cash grab. very trumpian.


what data suggests that there is a disparate impact only on the stupid? Or… was that a troll post, intended only to enflame emotions? I can’t tell.

Hoodies, ripped jeans, gold chains, “saggy” pants, hats and other items were frequently banned in the bars I’ve worked at.

Courts got it right.
Political beliefs are not covered by discrimination laws.
“We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”
Signs say it all.

So a gay couple walks into a bakery and bakery says I don’t want to serve you because of your political believes…would libs be OK with that?

Or will the gay couple sue on grounds of discrimination?

I think we all know what will happen.

you think homosexuality is a political belief?

Most of them are libs.

All you gotta say isn’t Trump great and if they say anything negative about him then you them out of your bakery.

You have a problem with that?

political opinion isn’t a protected class under public accommodation law.

How about asking if they support the 2nd Amendment rights? And they say anythig negiotive you throw them out.

So you have no problem of throwing them out?

There is no discrimination because political belief isn’t a protected class.