FoxNews' chad pergram Is Reporting on a Recent Memo Suggesting Reporters Brush Up on VP Confirmation Process

Let’s just skip to the end and have biden nominate trump to replace her.

For those interested in the process, check out the movie The Contender, starring Jeff Bridges and Joan Allen. Although it was mostly about the smear of Allen’s character.

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The 'Rats are jumping ship! :rofl:


If it happens around 3 years for buttigieg to win both the moderates and the out there portion of my side of the aisle

Interesting, if true I wonder what’s driving force behind this?

Maybe they figured out she’s actually Canadian?

Yeah, heard it before

Don’t troll me

It’s because she’s a strong, proud Woman of Color.


I guess you don’t like Tucker’s theory?

Perhaps too proud. She must’ve gotten uppity or something. lol

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Kamala is more for the cause than Biden. Chances are she’s been getting a little too big for her britches in staff meetings.

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Since she is elected, Biden can’t fire her or demand her resignation. The Dem controlled current congress won’t impeach her. The only way they need a new VP is because she has assumed the place at the head of the table.


they will pick someone as VP who they will intend to be pres

Oooooo….don’t you just hate those?

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I just don’t see this. She has all the perks, the salary, the nice house on the Naval Observatory, Air Force 2 at her disposal, just what would be the upside for her to voluntarily resign? Now whoever is pulling Biden’s strings might want try to pressure her to quit, but all that will do is start a very public inter-party food fight.

They don’t need to confirm a new VP if they replace her on the ticket for 2024. She would serve as VP until the next election and swearing in. They only need a confirmation vote if they need a new VP to serve out the term.

It could be very interesting to watch.

Don’t forget this could mean picking a VP for her.

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I think this is the likely scenario. Biden is one bad fall trying to get off Air Force One, one sad public cognitive episode or one sad public loss of bladder/bowl control from a 25th Amendment move against him. And it is apparent that he is becoming harder and harder to control.

Plus the optic of old white male President attempting to force the 1st woman of color Vice President to resign would be a 10 megaton ■■■■ grenade with the pin pulled. The white male oppressor victimizes the female minority member.

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Sounds like Biden isn’t even going to last a whole year. The reporting on this sucks, btw. Why would the conclusion be, they’re going to oust Kamala?

My first question is how do you legally oust her? She is elected, not appointed. She can only legally be forced out by impeachment. I just don’t see a scenario where she willingly resigns.

The only other scenario is that a very public food fight has already started between the President’s handlers and the VP. They need negative attention on her to deflect attention from his performance and decline. There is a solid chance that he doesn’t even know about any conflict.