Fox News Poll Shows A Majority Support Impeachment

According to a Fox News poll a majority of registered voters want Trump impeached and removed from office. This is not good for Trump.

How is this going to play out?


Meh. I think it needs to hit 65% before it means anything. Just my completely unsupported opinion.


Meh, just the fact that an institution that Trump holds dear for support is against him is a very big deal. Denying or playing it down does absolutely no good.

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This isn’t good news for Trump. In these last 3 weeks, things have been going extemely downhill for him and his presidency.

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Well, I think we are reaching the plausible public support level in regards to impeachment.

If polls remain at this level or increase, I would be prepared to move forward with impeachment.


What institution?

20 Senators are not going to vote yes on conviction because of 51% across the voting public. That’s never going to happen.

FOX is now fake news.

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What about conviction?

Why do you think that is?

That would involve moving forward to Senate trial.

If during the course of that trial the charges are proved, then I would support removal from office.

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And frankly, I think this may be the political cover Senate Republicans need to actually vote to remove Trump from office, something I think all 51 of them secretly would love to happen at this point.


I was wondering what you thought the poll needed to be for Republican Senators to have the necessary electoral cover to vote yes on conviction. My completely unsupported number is 65%.

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I think 55% or above, which I think we will be at very soon given the recent increasing self destruction at the White House.

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Thanks. This answered my question. I think it needs to be much higher.

What Republican Senators want privately has absolutely nothing to do with what they will actually do.

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Interesting. Thanks.

And I suppose it was a fake poll.

What do I think what is?

ETA: I think I know what you mean now. The voting public? Yea, I guess kind of an institution. But there could not be two presidents more different than Obama and Trump and that institution elected both of them in the span of 4 years so it’s kind a schizophrenic and notoriously unpredictable institution.

It wasn’t a poll of Fox Employees, it was a poll conducted by FNC of the general public.

What do you think of the poll?

I’m not particularly concerned.