Fox News Military Guest: Torture Is Good, ‘It Worked on John McCain’


Jesus said that, huh?


That will be corrected this fall.


No biblical knowledge at all eh?


I thought I would know less about the Bible than you, but here we are.


you are currently supporting and promoting a politician who signed into law a bill that funded Planned Parenthood. if you wanted to show the same amount of anger against him/them that you show against people here (who have zero control over abortion and just voice their opinions) you’d lash out at those politicians and gain some integrity. as it is, you’re calling abortion evil while supporting people who just funded PP.

it’s like watching a really bad preacher.


Sorry about that. I’m trying to answer several posts at once. I’m sorry all of my attention can’t just go to you. Here I am now though.
In response to your answer, I would have to say no. Simply, from the mere fact that the OP’s profile pic is hinting about gay people. Which the Bible doesn’t support.


Oh I know the Bible forward and backwards. One who doesn’t recognize that quote from Jesus is obviously ignorant concerning the scriptures of course.


The road to hell is paved with good intentions. What we do matters-what we say we’re going to do is irrelevant.

Trump signed a bill that supports abortions. That means babies will die due to money he approved going to that purpose. Using your own logic, it’s too late for him now.


correct. he supports what he screams about here almost daily.


You are incorrect.


Are you going to answer my question? Do you support trump after he signed the funding for Planned Parenthood?


The road to hell could accurately be described as paved with bad intentions as well. Millions of babies have died as a result of Obama’s 2 SC picks. If either had been pro life Roe would be toast now.

You people willingly voted for such a man knowing his intentions and yes even supporting it.


How on earth did you get a title such as editor? That’s my big question.


You’re not going to answer my question, are you?


he can’t. he’s trapped. he’s supporting politicians who funded PP (after screaming about his most important issue for years).

makes me think that issue really isn’t that important.


How about my question? Have the new forums been given over to the left?


You can’t possibly believe that abortion will ever be illegal again?


Persecution complex. You can’t possibly think the SEAN HANNITY message boards have a liberal bias.


One pro abortion Sc justice being replaced by one pro life justice will tip the scale against roe vs wade.


Bingo. It cannot be, or else he would have walked away from supporting Trump and the GOP the minute the ink hit the paper funding the evil he claims to abhor. It is nothing more than empty words. A means to attack others with, but without the spine to actually follow through on his alleged conviction.