Fox News Military Guest: Torture Is Good, ‘It Worked on John McCain’


No I didn’t.


Why are you so obsessed with abortion? We aren’t.


Ironic coming from someone who so slavishly is devoted to Trump, even after he signed a bill that fully funded Planned Parenthood to commit said abortions. :thinking:


Dude, I could care less about abortion. Why all of a sudden move the goal posts to abortion?


Gooddad is obsessed with imposing his morality on everyone else.


Millions of human lives don’t seem to matter to a certain party. High standards indeed.


You don’t care about lives. It’s about control.


Lame excuse.


Which party would that be exactly? :thinking:


You only care about them until they’re out of the woman’s body. After that, well, good luck to that baby and her mother. Hopefully her mother pulled herself up by her bootstraps!


People obsessed with abortion are trying to exert their will over women. It has nothing to do with “babies.”


Totally untrue. I have contributed much over the years to kids organizations.

Now back to the cold blooded killing of unborn babies and why a certain party so doggedly supports its legalization.


We call it the SneakySFGuy rule.


So you say.


The fact that @gooddad409 still is so overwhelmingly supportive and sycophantic in his devotion to Trump and the GOP, even in the face of the reality that Trump and the GOP provided full funding to PP to continue providing abortion services, tells me he is less than sincere about this being a real issue for him. He just uses it as a cudgel to beat others over the head, but the truth is that he is nothing more than a typical tribalist that will cheer for Trump and the GOP no matter what.


Not true but even if it were how is that an excuse for murdering unborn babies? All ears here.


Trump has paid for abortions.


They’re not babies. Women can do whatever they want with their bodies. You don’t get a say. Period. You never will again. I know it bothers you, but you can’t force a woman to give birth at gunpoint.


Does everyone notice how @gooddad409 refuses to address the HUGE elephant in the room, regarding his undying support for Trump who fully funded abortion services through PP, with the help and support of the GOP Congress, yet tries to make it seem as if it is only the Democrats that are for funding this organization and these services? :thinking:


Actually they are babies. True I don’t get a say but I can’t help but wonder what our Lord will have to say on the subject when we stand before him.