Fox News Military Guest: Torture Is Good, ‘It Worked on John McCain’


Another reason why I am no longer a Republican.


Payne heard the comments.


Just another deplorable.



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What does the Texas Chainsaw Massacre have to do with John McCain?


I think the point is to encourage more in depth discussion than what we would sometimes see at the other board. With just a single emoji or something like that in response to a post. And I’ll admit to being guilty of it as well. :man_facepalming:


ahhhh thank you… now i feel a wee bit smarter…lol








A deceptive headline from the OP? I am sooooooooooo “shocked”. :roll_eyes:


Et tu @Apocalypto ???


They voted for a man who openly mocked the service of McCain because he was captured. We can’t keep pretending these people have a level of morality that they repeatedly demonstrate simply doesn’t exist.


Dems who vote for a party that staunchly supports legalized abortion lack the moral authority to lecture anybody about morality.

As for McCain I respect his military service and firmly oppose the bulk of his politics. I give him a pass mostly these days because of his condition.


Did you vote for him in 2008?