Fox News Military Guest: Torture Is Good, ‘It Worked on John McCain’


Come on. People are using the Vietnamese as some kind of example for US.

That’s some funny stuff.


FoxNews appears to have jumped on the politically correct bandwagon by banning McInerney for stating a fact.



If it tales waterboarding or worse torture to save one of your own family members and there is a time deadline. What do you do?


So I can accurately play out this straw man, what am I wearing in this scenario? Formal wear, leathers?


You are wearing a straw skirt and coconut shells. I don’t care.

What do you do?

Leftists don’t have families or loved ones?


Which family member? What are they wearing? We need to get these details right or else I can’t take your hypothetical seriously.


Your beloved mother who works as a Scarecrow in a straw suit.

Would you save your mother?

Or do you think defending family and your country in the extreme circumstances of a terrorist or criminal kidnapping should be illegal?

Extreme circumstances happen more and more these days.


My mother is dead already, so can we pick a different family member.

And wait, am I defending a family member or my country? Please clarify and update the parameters.


An IGNORE Function Is needed on this Forum, dominated by leftist trolls and bots.

There are REAL things like minded Trump supporters and Hannity admirers could be talking about on this forum.

Maybe I should stop wasting my time and return when the forum has an IGNORE function and ability to detect returning trolls.


What kind of real things would you like to debate?



Did you miss the title of the thread?


The unavoidable truth is, our democrat party leader’s plan for “free” college tuition will be paid for by confiscating the paychecks of millions of college graduates who worked for and paid their own way through college and are now trying to finance their own economic needs.


Did North Vietnam’s use of torture against John McCain break him?

I think if anyone is tortured long enough they will break. I’d assume the most brutal torture was used by the North Vietnamese against McCain.


That’s what we were debating. Our discussion was on topic until he started complaining.


Odd…I spent my career in the military community…the NAVY military community and even worked for two returned POWs, Admiral Stockdale at the War College and CAPT Tanner, CO of NAS Kingsville…neither of them ever said anything negative towards McCain.


If it worked on McCain, perhaps the Retired Lt. General can tell us all what military secrets the North Vietnamese gained from torturing him…


That’s why IMO the General should have been pressed to provide clarification of that comment rather then just dismissed & suspended from Fox News. The General may not have spent any of his 35 years of decorated military service as a POW but he did serve honorably for over three decades and I personally want to know what he is talking about and why he made that “songbird” comment. I spent almost 2 decades in the military community as the wife of a retired USMC Officer and when one military officer makes a comment like that about another military officer based on my experience I feel there could be some validity to the comment. Should he have said it on TV…NO but it doesn’t keep me from wondering about it nor do I want to demonize him for it.


In Tokyo? What? You think this was all in WWII?

But let’s get back to “torture works”…so you are for torture for propaganda purposes? Is that it?


So…is that the goal of us wanting to torture people? To make recordings for propaganda purposes?


John McCain is a Republican military man that in typical liberal classless behavior blasted him all over the media when he was running for President. Standing up for John McCain is a typical liberal whiplash tactic when they can exploit him for their benefit, otherwise they call him worse then whatever the General called him.