Fox News Military Guest: Torture Is Good, ‘It Worked on John McCain’


If “useful” is defined by the same parameters, then no.


You don’t understand the intent of the confession. It doesn’t matter if it was true in his particular case. The Vietnamese wanted the same confession from all of them.


Did they confess to anything that betrayed their service to the US?

When you answer “no,” you’ll be admitting that the torture against them did not work.


It doesn’t matter. You remember the picture of the little girl in the highway, the one that got burned?


Irrelevant to the false claims made by McInerney and @johnwk2 that torture worked on McCain.


Of course it worked. You think he wanted to make that confession?


We’ve come to an agreed upon definition of what equates to success and what equates to failure.

Torture did not work on McCain. Period.


Your consensus is incorrect. They wanted the confession, not intel.


Did it lead to McCain making a recording used by the Vietnamese for propaganda purposes?



Okay Sneaky.


You need to do some studying.


Irrelevant. McInerney and you are wrong. Torture did not work on McCain. He did not give them any intel that placed American lives or assets at risk. If you cannot accept that truth, as most all others have, including Fox in their decision to no longer have McInerney on their network, then I do not know what else there is to discuss.


You think they cared about the inner workings of McCain’s plane?

What was the target of their propaganda?


They weren’t after intel.


Yes, I’m sure the enemy was completely opposed to quality intelligence that could lead to victory. Makes perfect sense.


McCain did well. He is one of the cases for why the way it is taught now.


I think all the pro-torture Americans in this thread are missing a huge opportunity.

Just get together and have each other waterboarded for a year. Then, again, post that on YouTube and it will go a long way in proving it’s not really torture. Why aren’t you guys jumping on this? It’s so simple.


You don’t understand the schwerpunkt of the conflict.


What possible intelligence could a Naval aviator have that would lead the NVA to victory over the US?


Did torture lead to McCain making a recording used by the Vietnamese for propaganda purposes?