Fox News Military Guest: Torture Is Good, ‘It Worked on John McCain’


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I’m neither a far leftie, nor did I say you are going to hell-I simply applied the standard toward you that you are applying to leftists. I gave an “if/then” statement-I can’t tell you which decision you get to make, but the crowd you’re throwing your lot in with is guilty of the very thing of which you accuse leftists.

How is that not so obvious to you, or are you just cool with double standards as long as you get to stick it in the craw of leftists?


Well actually i’ve read many of your posts and know where you fit.

Also where have i said to anyone ok you are going to hell? Not my call. I leave that to the Lord.

There are some things which are probably not wise to be doing or might put some one at risk based on scripture reading but again not my call.


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You said it yourself. Abortion is legal. The religious aspect really doesn’t weigh in as long it’s legal. Separation of church and state. Don’t try to impose your religious values on the country as law.


What does all this abortion prattle have to do with the subject of the tread and FoxNew banning a guest for stating a fact?

What was stated by McInerney is as follows: “It [torture] worked on John [McCain]. That’s why they call him ‘Songbird John’”

We do know McCain was tortured, and it resulted in McCain making a recording for the Vietnamese used for propaganda purposes.

We also know a number of our war veterans, particularly older vets who served in Vietnam, have dubbed McCain “Songbird” for allegedly collaborating with the Vietnamese while a prisoner.

In a Phoenix NewTimes ARTICLE we also find:

August 8, 2016

”McCain’s U.S. Senate office could not confirm the authenticity of the recording, but one McCain aide, speaking on condition that his name not be published, told New Times the following:

"Senator McCain has spoken candidly for years, in media interviews and his own memoir, of making a false confession tape after being tortured as a POW in North Vietnam. Although his ‘confession’ was coerced by days of extreme physical abuse, he always regretted it."

So, it appears from the above that torture did work on McCain as asserted by Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney, retired.

If the above information is accurate, I think most would agree it is not a stain on McCain’s record to confirm he was tortured into making a propaganda recording. However, for FoxNews to ban a guest for stating torture worked in McCain’s situation, which was made to counter the Democrats hate toward Trump’s pick for CIA Director, seems to indicate FoxNews may be submitting to the pressure of our politically correct crowd.



By your own admission, it did not work. A false confession means that the torture did the exact opposite of its intended purpose, which would be to acquire REAL intelligence or information.

Additionally, we have asked you before to bring proof of this alleged recording. Where is it?


So you post information from an anonymous source, admit that the information in question is only based upon allegations, but lament the fact that Fox fired a guy for “stating facts?”


What I stated, and not an admission, was that torture was used to get McCain to make a recording used for propaganda purposes.



You claimed a false confession was made and used as propaganda. What benefit is there to false information, if that was all that his torture provided to the enemy? This suggest a clear example that torture did not work on McCain as you and McInereny both imply.

And again, where is the proof of this false confession recording?


What I have stated is McCain made a false confession recording after being tortured, which was used for propaganda purposes.



Where is the proof?


I don’t feel like posting the propaganda recording here. But if you are really interested, do a google search and you will find it. My only interest in the discussion is finding out why FoxNews banned a guest for stating a fact.



Because it is not a fact. Torture did not work on McCain, clearly, as at best all he gave was false information, which even that has not been proved. It was a disgusting lie that torture worked, and that McCain sang like a bird under the hideous torture done to him.


My only interested in the discussion is finding out why you’re stating the guest stated a fact, while your only source for this “fact” is an anonymous source and what you admit are only allegations.


Great point. Pro War, but definitely NOT pro military.

Once again what they espouse is not what they practice. Reminds me of abortion how they’re not pro life, but simply pro birth.