Fox News Military Guest: Torture Is Good, ‘It Worked on John McCain’


A republican would never win a national election again.

Never go full Handmaid’s Tale.


Full stop.

For starters, I noticed your very blatant attempt at deflecting blame to Obama instead of addressing the point I brought up, which is that you are supporting a guy who directed money to PP, which means babies are going to die in part due to your vote for a guy who directed money to PP. So both Trump and you are culpable.

Second, I didn’t vote for Obama either time. And you’ll find, if you peruse any of my posts regarding abortion on the old forum, that I am personally against it and would never consider it as an option in my life.

Stop deflecting. If you can’t even accept responsibility for your own actions, and those of the man you helped elect, then you have absolutely ZERO room to talk about the actions or moralities of others, nor do you have room to be talking about ANYONE else’s salvation.


Let Trump replace Ginsburg and watch what happens! Winning elections don’t matter. Doing the right thing concerning the lives of innocent unborn babies does.


Gooddad still hasn’t explained his reverence for a man who approved funding pp another year.


My guy appointed a pro life SC justice. One more such if done when replacing an antilife justice such as Ginsburg and Roe comes tumbling down.

I have waited most of my life to see infanticide tumbled overturned.


Nailed it. And instead of getting upset and withdrawing his support from the very people who have made him culpable in these abortions due to his support for them and helping place them in the position they are in to fund these abortion clinics, he instead doubles down on his support for them. Proving definitively that it was never about seeing abortions come to an end. You cannot actively support politicians who fund abortion clinics, and simultaneously claim to be anti-abortion. His support of politicians that have funded abortion clinics, equals his support of the funding of abortion clinics. There is no way around that truth.


Would that include state sponsored death penalties? How about police shooting unarmed men?


And then funded abortions. You’re accountable for that, too-so prepare to be judged at the end of days-good news is you’ll be able to spend it with Trump-just make sure you take plenty of burn cream…it’s going to be HOT!!

I’ve waited my entire life for you to stop deflecting and dodging-looks like we’re both going to be waiting a long time for the outcomes we want!


I believe there was an actually recording made by McCain while a POW in 1969 that was used for propaganda purposes in Tokyo. It apparently was made by McCain while under duress. If there is such a recording, it would support McInerney, retired United States Air Force Lieutenant General’s claim that torture works.

I think FOX NEWS CHANNEL needs to get to the bottom of the issue and let the facts be known.



Let’s hear this alleged recording. Bring proof, not speculation if you are going to try and defend McInerney on this one.


Where’s the recording?


Tokyo is in Vietnam?


This thread turned a little schizophrenic. But after reading through it, I think I figured it out. Apparently, abortion worked on John McCain. And it’s okay for a single-issue abortion voter to support a philandering businessman as President who helped to fund Planned Parenthood because said philanderer pinky promised to nominate a pro-life judge to the Supreme Court maybe someday if he has the chance.

Is that about the long and short of it? I tell you, if I were a certain poster I’d feel damn proud of myself for taking the attention of what utter scumbags represent Trump and his administration.


No. I should have wrote “by the Vietnamese”.


As always, you nail it Nik! :clap:


When in doubt, cry abortion and let slip the trolls of war. It’s in the Trumpkin playbook. Which is fun read, actually. Mostly illustrated, and the pop-up pages really add to the experience.


See Nik, you’re a natural born writer.


These comments are examples of what I feel so saddened about having someone like Trump in the WH. This is the type of discourse he generates.


Was McCain simply water boarded? No. He was tortured. Big difference. Or are we to believe he slipped on the soap getting out of the hi hot tube there at the Hanoi Hilton? McInearny’s statement is a joke.


Who did you vote for in 2016?

Who signed the bill that allowed for continued federal funding of Planned Parenthood?

How do you reconcile your continued support for him given that this is clearly the single most important issue for you?