Fox News lets profanity WH video on Portland about their cops get out on live air today!

Holy smoke!

Was watching the White House presser today and could not believe my eyes.

Kayleigh Mcenany suddenly showed a brief video on the civil unrest in Portland.

Apparently no heads up to any of the networks either.

Up came a profanity word on the screen followed by the “COPS” for all to see.

Good for the President trying to get out to the American people what is really going on in with violence and riots these days.

In my humble opinion, the mass media is doing the general public a disservice in not accurately depicting how bad it truly is within Portland and probably around much of the Dem run cities in the country right now.

Please all share your take on this WH video today…

cussin and fussin?

Holy ■■■■■

I do get a kick out of the way we freak out over certain things.

Female nipple? bad
Violence? good
Swear words? depends


Don’t forget the seven words that you can’t say on television.

That isn’t what he’s doing. At all.

If the word is good enough for our President to use there shouldn’t be a problem with protesters using it. After all he does have all the best words.


It was one of those 7 words, just not spoken rather seen clearly in the WH video shown.

We just don’t know who actually painted it, but seems clear that person does not like cops one bit.

People living in bubble tend to stay in a bubble.

I never heard or linked this word from this or any POTUS’ mouth.

The video showed profanity in Portland written against police, the very people whose job it is to keep its residents safe.

Pretty sad statement the press does not at least report it fully to its audience. Riots are not G-rated, so warn us of the vulgarity and let us know what is really happening even if you blur out the cuss words.

i agree!

but to say the “media” is “doing a disservice” is a bit of understatement.

the pathetic “media” only focuses on portions of the profanity, violence etc that fits their activist narrative of the day

there is no motivation to expose what really is

what people see on beloved tv and mainstream “news” sites is 100% drama production

i figured this out in the 1980’s. it is 100x worse now

I can think of people who would blow a gasket for years on end had this been Obama administration.

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Apparently some would rather go with the CNN description of “protestor” rather than the video of what they really are.

DHS released the crimes committed by protesters.
so far its 5,000 dollar in damage by spray-paint.

Jade Helm, FEMA Camps.

I saw that and I thought the same thing, not only was it shocking but very revealing how these anarchists are portrayed as “peaceful” protesters by the MSM when they are nothing but vicious violent thugs. I was disappointed that Fox News abruptly stopped the video though, bad move IMO.

Portland is in a state of insurrection.

Proper response is required.

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Let’s be real here: Obama had the majority of the press on his side no matter what.

And Biden carries his hall pass around his neck now to avoid getting asked a hard question.

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" 18 arrested in Portland for alleged arson, property damage, assaults on police"


In Seattle, the police had to go to court to get unpublished video by reporters turned over.

Thankfully the judge ruled in favor of law enforcement.

Maybe Portland reporters will follow suit, even if mandated by a court order?

Gone for now are the days of being upset hen the S word is said in the Oval Office.