Fox News' latest B.S Cause: Forcing kids to say to the Pledge of Allegiance

I love (hate) how they mention that public schools are usually the schools that don’t say the pledge without any proof. I imagine there are also plenty of private schools that don’t always say it.

It doesn’t need to be real to be scared about it, that’s half the GOP platform.

I see that kind of nonsense on my facebook feed every once in a while, when I ask what schools no longer do the Pledge…I get nothing in return.

It’s thoughts like this that get the ball rolling as it only takes one parent to complain for leftist progressive globalist liberal school principles and administrators to act on their complaints. Its happening all the time and depending on where you get news from you would either be aware of it or unaware of it!!

And as far as Congress is concerned you’re right no one is advocating getting rid of the Pledge… not yet anyway.

Globalist? Why do you hate capitalism?

You know the forced recitation of the pledge was a socialist ploy right?

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There is nothing more American then pledging your allegiance to the government.

Correction…there’s nothing more American that FORCING people to pledge their allegiance to a flag of a country using a pledge written by a socialist and added to by christian sharia supporters.

The original pledge was the brainchild of a progressive socialist. It was then dumbed down in Congress (in the face of the Red Scare) by the addition of "Under God.

People who think children should be forced to recite the oath aka “the pledge” should have their asses kicked until they drop the insane idea.

Wrap your silly idea in the flag and give it a cross to carry and Foxnews will be there to make advertising bucks off of it.

So what about those who don’t pledge allegiance to the flag for religious reasons?

Exactly. I perform notary services for my job, and if clients don’t want to do an oath, they can always do an affirmation. The mere concept that schools and students should be forced to do something are uncomfortable is the same as forcing clients to take oaths in order to authentic their documents.

They are all American haters and anti-troop folks, in the minds of Trumpist.

Two problems: (a) Why must students do it EVERY DAY, and (b) Why must we force children to do it?

That’s the problem. The Pledge is not under attack at all. It’s not something people are seriously protesting.

If it’s so pervasive please provide a link to a source showing a school stopped saying the pledge because of liberal progressive parental complaints.

A mandatory loyalty pledge to a national symbol - that’s a celebration of freeberty and the individual right there!



Here’s the real issue. Trumpist believe in tradition, regardless of how it was conceived. They are not aware that socialists came up with the idea or that it was designed as a protest against the USSR. They are upset that it’s a break from tradition.

With a really cool salute, too.

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You would think compelling children to recite a loyalty oath would go against every fiber of their being.


I had to say a loyalty pledge when I joined the Army. Why shouldn’t elementary school children have to do the same? Liberal hypocrisy at it’s finest IMHO.

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