Fox News' latest B.S Cause: Forcing kids to say to the Pledge of Allegiance

On Friday, Fox and Friends aired an unintentionally hilarious and bizarre segment about the the Pledge of Allegiance. In the segment, the host and book author, proclaimed that liberals/progressives want to take away the Pledge of Allegiance and want to present America as an evil place.

No example of this was presented. It’s no where in the Democratic platform, and I see no lawmaker going after our sacred Pledge of Allegiance. The only thing I found was a student getting suspended for not doing the pledge.

The host, Pete Hegseth, claimed that many schools, public schools are not doing it, and wants us to take action. He cited no examples of schools which no longer do the pledge.

The problem here, besides having children doing a mock pledge of allegiance, is the following:

  1. Nobody should be forced to do the pledge period. The Supreme Court has said it’s not a mandate.

  2. The only reason why we did the Pledge to begin with in Schools was to protest against those Godless Russians/USSR people.

  3. There’s nothing worse than CREATING controversy and making up stuff.

  4. Why is the big deal? I have no idea why kids should be taking oaths every morning before 1st period. Are they signing legal documents or something? Are they checking every morning to see if kids still are loyal to the United States?

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It’s their War on the Pledge.

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Had a response, refresh glitch erased it. Bah.


Didn’t a socialist write it?



It’s funny that a same network which complains about collectivism, and now believes it should occur with the PR gimmick called Pledge of Allegiance.

I stopped after “Fox & Friends”. It is without a doubt the dumbest “news” show on television. Doocey and Killmeade are downright idiots. The list of truly stupid things they’ve said is astounding. Information from this show should NEVER be taken seriously. Ever.


They really love that flag.

They literally run the country.


I’d rather see everyone in government be made to pledge to stay out of my business.


It’s the President’s most trusted news source, and his briefing for the day.

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Nothing says small government and freedom like forcing people to chant en masse about things they might not actually believe in.

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genuflect to the idols of the state in the designated manner or face the consequences, citizen.

We are a completely normal country where we get mad at children not showing proper respect to “The Pledge.”

Not when a TV program rants about it.

not saying the pledge is the gateway drug that leads to kneeling…and as everyone knows you cannot ever unsee a knee


Trump will make it mandatory!

I as a member of the Congress do pledge that if I lie in anyway shape or form. I will serve no less that 5 years in prison.

I have some really bad news for you about who takes this seriously.


Nothing says MAGA like collectivist displays of loyalty to the state.

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Under trump, I think we need to have a very different kind of pledge. Lemon scented maybe.