Fox News. Fake News!

I’d like to know how this is “sparring” as said in their headline. This is annoying

Acosta respectfully asked questions. Sanders respectfully answered. He had follow ups. She addressed. He, despite being the man baby he is, kept in control this time.

yet they title this “sparring”

before you wrongly informed lefties fly into a frenzy, dont pretend your go to networks just became non-idiotic. they still are awful

So one wonders where one gets real info.

I have some ideas, but am open to suggestions

In other news, conservatives who thought that acosta would never be called on again…somehow got it wrong.


I heard about that.

can you show where he “never would be called on”?

Go to the Acosta thread.

if you had a ready answer id think youd hammer me over the head with it

are you referring to crazy lefties in here?

because that’s weak if so

Do you think that thread is more interesting than this thread? People are asking.

Several members suggested that the WH would freeze out Acosta by not calling on him, in that thread.

that’s babified.

let him speak. let him show his journalisming

Ugh I can’t even remember the thread. But he was pretty damn certain. Maybe someone with better memory can pull up the thread again.

reffy shhh - some people who can discuss topics are posting…

Some people who are posting seem to have a problem with women.

anyone outside of the hapless hannity forum of lefty trollbots?

why did you make this about gender?

He was certain. I am certain of it.

Should be enough to start us off. OP, search it yourself. I don’t want to quote and draw the original poster into this thread unless they come on their own.

So you have a problem with gender?

no. why did you make this about gender?



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I only watch bbc…