Fox News continues to betray Trump

Former seeming rightie kool-aid drinker Judge Andrew Napolitano has actually stated that the Mueller report not only DOES NOT clear Trump, but it plainly lists numerous examples of actual obstruction of justice. He says the only reason Trump was not charged was because the AG would’ve prevented it.

I always feel bad for any Fox news analyst or commentator who dares to speak the truth about the level of corruption and criminality that is clearly evident in this rogue administration, because in record time they will be thrown under the bus by the Trump lemmings. These Fox employees take such a risk for the sake of honesty and truth, and the party of so-called family values(formerly) can’t try to discredit them fast enough for doing the right thing.

Isn’t that great! We have 1/3 of the country OK with the fact that the President has installed nothing but a stooge as AG, so as to prevent the orange scumbag from being prosecuted for any of the many crimes he’s committed on behalf of conservatives.

It’s going to be fun when Dems are back in power. I hope righties are prepared!

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I always liked Napolitano. He’s an honest actor.

The Mueller report to me was pretty bad for the President. It was bad, not because he had meaningful connections to the Russian government, but that he tried everything in his power to kill the criminal investigation. As Comey pointed out, Trump had no concern about Russian meddling.

1/3 of the country not only watches Trump TV, but they have no problem with a President who tries to obstruct justice and has very little knowledge of government and its laws.


Dems, when they regain power one day, need to be the adults in the room if they can. I don’t know if they can.


I don’t understand how a rational person could still support Donald Trump after reading the Mueller report. The man is not fit for the office he occupies.


My support comes from understanding that plan C was worse…much worse and I believe would have been devastating to the country I love. I had to decide between the lessor of the evils because that’s the ■■■■■■■ candidates I had to choose from. What even substantiates this more IS the Mueller report. This whole investigation and media coverage of it was to overturn that same election. Listening to the sheople then bleet non-stop about how baaaaaa, baaaaaa, baaaaaad orange man is causes me to pause, wipe my forehead and enjoy the smile of knowing just how close to disaster “we” came and you can thank me later if you ever wake up to the truth?

It’s a mystery for the ages.

He said rational though.


Mark Levin pointed out the voluminous holes in the dear Judges opinion last night. Mostly pointing out that the fight is over Executive branch…not Trump.

A handful of disoriented D from SF, LA, NYC, and CHI will not speak for us all.


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I am sure he laid out his argument in a rational point by point counterargument and not in a way where he plays the clip, yells stop, and sounds like an old man screeching at his TV.


Ironic that the lawyer is telling the judge-who was actually a judge and served on the a superior court-how things are. Kinda cute.

It’s all about liberty. The concept that the D seem to have forgotten.

If the D can embrace liberty again…they will win middle America again.

What is “all about liberty”?

The liberty to be dangerously unfit for the office of the President and have a whole media organization vouching for you to sell gold and tactical wipes.


Bull ■■■■■ Stop with this “I didn’t have a choice!” crap, you love Donald and it’s obvious.


I do enjoy some of Trump’s efforts and antics but NOT all of them. So when I feel a rumble in my stomach, I just remember it could’ve been Hillary and it’s like pepto bismol vu…all over again. :sunglasses:

They didn’t read it.



Many trump voters have begged for a person exactly like Donald Trump for decades. They love him.

If it’s all about Liberty then Napolitano is probably the dude you want to listen to over Levin.

Levin will nearly always come down on the right wing side whereas Napolitano is at least sometimes capable of taking politics out of the discussion.

Your adoration of Donald has been obvious in the posts you’ve made for 12 months. The fact that you continually try to deny it is saaa, saaaaaaa, saaaaaaaaaaad. :rofl:


It is obvious. Always had been.

Not sure what all the game playing is about. Hedging the bet maybe?