FOX honestly call trump Un "Meeting between two Dictators"

In an unusually honest piece FOX news calls it what it is. A meeting between two dictators according to FOX host Abby Huntsman

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Not a slip up, she told the truth. Leave of absence for her starting tomorrow.

If I was a FOX that is a firing offense.

I like how the other guy didn’t even skip a beat after she said that.

Meh. A gaff.

Flattery like that will get her a job in the White House.

Yes. Humorous though.

A bigly amusing one! :wink:

The fact the Left that is all they been saying about Trump it is a honest mistake when it is all you hear everyday from other Media.
Hell that is all Bill Maher says in his stuff.
Hell at the awards show las night:

idiot is the President. It’s ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’

Of course you all cried at the Righties who kept making these claims about Obama. But somehow yours is more righteous?
I think not.

That’s because trump actually thinks likes that.

He’s more a wannabe Dictator. He’s too stupid to be a real Dictator.

Got to admit - that was pretty funny.

So you now claim to be a Mind Reader?
Please prove that you can Read Minds and tell me what I am thinking now. So until then I don’t think you or even I know what Trump really thinks like.

We know how Trump thinks because he regularly lets us know via a tweet


And when has he declared that he is a Dictator or King?

When have you declared that you’re not a mass murderer so that everybody knows that you’re not a mass murderer?

Damn that lib media - now they’re in the heads of Fox employees.

Well if you listen to Fox they talk about how the Liberal Media is always calling Trump a Dictator. So I can see how she made the flub.
But Trump’s Actions are not Dictatorial when he says any deal will have to go to Congress, Or what he did with DACA telling Congress to do their job and make it permanent. Seems to me those are strange things for a USA Dictator to do.

This seems closely related to the idea of the Kinsley Gaffe.

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It’s almost as if Republicans are incapable of taking accountability for anything they say or do no matter how trivial.