Fox claiming Pompeo

…is traveling to Saudi Arabia to investigate the death of the Washington post journalist. Wasn’t pompeo scheduled to go to that summit anywhay? The one that a bunch of business leaders pulled out of but pompeo said he would still go?

I think he is going to spend 15 minutes with the King? He’ll get to the bottom of this!

Fox and Friends really sounds like an extension of teh White House communications department.

Don’t you mean that the other way around? ; )

Yeah, you are right…

Nice photo op…greet him with a warm smile. Yep, Pompeo will have the truth!

I’m surprised the meeting lasted as long as it did. How long does it take for the prince to say “We didn’t do it.” and for Pompeo to say “Thanks, I’ll see my way out.”

I don’t know what you guys want. You would have criticized the Trump administration if they didn’t investigate. Let’s let Pompeo do his job. If the results his investigation turns up some wrong doing on the behalf of the Saudi government, then we can look into some kind of retaliation in the form of increased weapon sales or something else equally as beneficial to our bottom line.

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The question is if he’s actually investigating anything.

I trusted the FBI investigation into Kavanaugh, and I support Pompeo’s investigation into the death of the Washington Post journalist.