Fox being sued for 1.6B by dominion

How many lawsuits has Trump started?

In private life or fighting the steal?

yeah that would be nice if they listened to evidence

Depending on who or what the evidence is about you may not even have Standing to present it.

It’s be nice for them to present it under oath.

Good luck with that.

As much as I want to see the propaganda arm of the white nationalist movement get what they deserve, don’t see Dominion being successful in this lawsuit

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Laughable that you guys still think that there is evidence.

Or that any has been presented in court.

Lets hope this goes to “discovery”

That would be a welcome change

Its so great that in this country anybody can sue anyone over anything.

Our last President sure thinks so

Well that’s a feeling some people have.

In reality the 1st Amendment right to sue someone is an effective regulator of aberrant behavior, far more than any regulation or law.

Or, supposed to be but even that’s been watered down, part of it from people being convinced that exercising their rights is somehow distasteful.

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If Dominion feels that they suffered harm as a result of lies spread by various sources, they have every right and even a responsibility to their stockholders to sue and defend their reputation.

Did you know that Donald Trump once sued a journalist for $100 million - for defaming him by questioning whether he was really a billionaire?

The Antrim thing is not the only thing Fox ran with.

I hope that is tongue in cheek.

I’ve had lawyers who have saved my butt in business affairs. They were excellent and very upstanding people.

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Is that what Fox News is to you? :face_with_monocle:

Private life.

Doesn’t matter.

There is enough error to justify press questions.