Fox and Friends---->Trump

We know Trump watches FOX, and loves FOX and Friends.

Here is a video from VOX, that lines up the influence they have on Trump.
It is…disturbing.

We literally have a paranoid, old guy, who watches and believes everything he sees on FOXnews, as POTUS.

(I know some do not like Vox, but the video speaks for itself)

Yes, Trump is paranoid but you are out on the net peddling conspiracy theories.


What consrpiacy theory did I peddle?

did you even watch your own video? F&F are “Trump’s closest advisers”?

Laughable idiocy at best.


Oh…so you saw that line, and stopped watching?

I do think that is a bit of hyperbole…but they back up the claim by highlighting some disturbing “coinicidences”.

Wiki wiki 10

Hmm, I follow Gertz, he used to tweet about the things Trump tweeted and when the segment was covered on F&F. Seems that he has been inactive since the end of May.

Trump rage-tweets and it usually takes the internet hive mind two minutes to figure out that he tweets about stuff moments after Fox and Friends airs it. It’s not rocket surgery.

Its remarkably similar to what some members do in here after Rush airs.


The more interesting aspect of the Vox video was how Fox and Friends actively shifted the content of their show once it became apparent Trump was watching so much.

If Trump truly flashed a light in the White House upon request from F&F though…that would be funny as hell.

Hopefully that didn’t REALLY happen.

I think it was Ann Coulter literally directly addressed him on Fox and Friends.

i was thinking the EXACT same thing.

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He calls ‘em up when he has trouble sleeping or has too much executive time on his hands or when Sean didn’t have time for him the night before.

It makes sense. You can argue that Limbaugh is ultimately responsible for Trump.

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oh, no doubt. been posting that for years. he’s the reason for this whole era of American Politics.

How are you going to make a rational argument if you didn’t watch the whole clip?

I dunno about that. During the primaries Rush was kinda wishy washy on Trump. Our host on the other hand was all in for trump no matter what his claims of being fair are.

I’m talking about the whole “stick it to libs regardless of the collateral damage” mantra that led to someone like Trump getting the nomination.

Rush has shaped and molded the Republican party and it’s members into what it is today.

I did, it was crap.