Four women in ‘voter fraud ring’ arrested

This is one of the reasons I am not a big fan of mail ballots. It is very easy to manipulate the elderly as seen in this article and downright steal the ballots.

Not sure what the process is in Texas, but here you have to physically go into the court clerk’s office and request a mail in ballot, at which point they verify who you are etc. and then the elector pages sent to the precinct on election will notate you have requested a mail in ballot to prevent you from voting twice.

Members of an organized voter fraud ring have been arrested and indicted on charges they targeted and, in one case stole, the votes of elderly voters on the city’s north side.

Four people were arrested — Leticia Sanchez, Leticia Sanchez Tepichin, Maria Solis and Laura Parra — after being indicted on 30 felony counts of voter fraud, according to a statement from the Texas Attorney General’s Office.

These people allegedly were paid to target older voters on the north side “in a scheme to generate a large number of mail ballots and then harvest those ballots for specific candidates in 2016,” the statement read.

Libs will deny deny. Or say the percentage wasn’t enough to effect the election.

How many more have gotten away? Specially in libs enclaves/stronghold.

I also expect strong push for fraudulent voting in Pa, Wis and Mich since those were tight races.

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More like, if small crooks like this get caught, then the system is pretty air tight. How many of those felonies are actual votes? I see one.


Well then, let’s just ignore it then shall we?

Doesn’t appear that it was ignored.

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There is no voting system that is impervious to voter fraud but please direct me to any evidence that points to wisespread voter fraud in the US. FYI your own bloviating opinion is not evidence.


Just curious what state “here” is?

With the above you are saying military members, college students attending school out of state, and others that work outside the state for long stretches are not allowed to vote via absentee ballot.

I’m not saying you are wrong in your belief, I just would like to look it up.



“Largest Voter Fraud Investigation in Texas History”, according to Gov. Abbott…involves one vote.


Hmmmmmm…I’m thinking someone provided me with incorrect information last week. I specifically asked the question and was informed that was the process. I checked the SOS site and they will mail you a ballot but they have to be able to verify the information first and it goes to the address on file.

I think the confusion resulted in that you can vote absentee IN the actual court clerks office and that may be what they were explaining when that is not what the actual question was, so ooops on my part for not checking what they told me. And I know better. :flushed:

So you don’t care about the harvesting of absentee ballots.

It’s no wonder y’all are against voter ID, but we already knew that.

Try reading what people actually post, not what the little voice in your head is telling you.


making personal now are we?

Voter ID would have solved this issue? How would that work regarding absentee ballots?

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they often don’t think things through.

It would be interesting to see which was more of a problem, voter fraud or voter suppression.

The number of qualified people who wanted to vote but couldn’t.
The number of fraudulent votes counted.

Those would be useful numbers to have. But the arguing is so much fun, that they really don’t matter to the discussion.

It has to be suppression. Republican states are knocking thousands of voters off the roles and moving/closing voting places. NC alone closed voting places on college campuses, cut down on early voting and ended voting one day prior to the “Souls to the Polls”.

The Ds will have to counter and get more people voting (which Rs do not want).

Glad they were caught,bthe system worked.

Voter ID still never touches the issue of voting by mail.

Not sure that it would, which is one of the reason I have consistently harped on that being the weak point in the system. There needs to be a way to deal with those who cannot make it to the actual polling locations, but that area is definitely one that needs work.

“they”. put the brush down Leonardo.:sunglasses:

I agree. Our absentee voting system is FAR more prone to abuse than in person voting. This whole fixation with voter ID will do NOTHING to solve the actual issue.