Four More Years! Four More Years! 🤣

He won’t be able to appear in public without exposing himself by 2024…

“Want to see my pee pee?”

Come on man.

What’s your explanation?

He has a bad temper. He goes off when caught off guard. As things get worse he will find it harder and harder to not have a public display in response to some reporter or member of the public. Think something that will make Howard Dean’s yell in 2004 look tame.


He changed his mind. And Fweedom can’t do it.

Could be lack of confidence in Harris. But I still don’t think he’ll run.

He’s lying?

lol how?

He probably means it, but I think his will to run will fade between now and then.

LOL…got a 15% raise and didn’t even have to leave my job. :rofl:

To be fair, I’m the exception not the rule. :wink:

Did LBJ ever say that he would run before saying he wouldn’t ?

Also, mayors and governors say that they won’t run for reelection all the time, why can’t a president ?

I think because the country wants the illusion of stability?

Well, cities and states may want that too, right ? :slight_smile:

I personally don’t harbor illusions of instability if an 82 year old senior citizen wants to ride off into the sunset. One of the reasons I voted for Obama is because I thought McCain was old.

Preaching to the choir. I believe no one over 70 should be running for office.

At this point what difference does it make?

He can go full Mr. Magoo in 2024 though.

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The nation gets no feeling of stability from the thought of Biden running again.

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Translation = you don’t

Those that voted for him and the wall street brokers feel differently.

I wonder what Jill thought when she found out what he said?

‘I better keep those fish net stockings, boots and mini skirt handy for 2024.’

That was really funny!!