Four hostage freed (including one American) in Burkina Faso

in a military operation done by the French a total of four hostage have been freed before they could be sold off to Islamic terrorist, Two French soldiers were killed.

Commanders launched the operation to rescue two French tourists snatched in neighbouring Benin earlier this month, before they could be handed over to militants in Mali.

During the raid special forces found the kidnappers were also holding a US woman and a South Korean woman.

Two French soldiers and four kidnappers were killed. Two kidnappers escaped.

Good work by the French. Sorry for their soldiers.

It makes me wonder why anyone was there in the first place? What reward could there possibly be, to warrant such a risk?

Apparently they were on safari. There is a huge demand for tourism to remote and dangerous places. I know of a fair number of younger people who have travelled to Afghanistan, Iran etc purely for pleasure. When your young its hard to truly appreciate the real danger that exists.

Thanks for the insight. I don’t mind those that desire to climb mountains but…if you need to be rescued, you should bare the whole brunt of the cost to save you? In this case, it was the lives of two soldiers. That’s a high price to be paid for poor judgement.

I agree with you completely. Any thrill seeker that ends up having to be rescued needs to be financially responsible for the cost.

You see…we have found common ground. Now we know…it can be done. Here’s to the next time. :tumbler_glass:

Ha very true - cheers mate.

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I do want to point out that this goes against the baseless favorite claim that the French are pansies/worthless/surrender monkeys. A common theme on the old forum and in America in general. French military are badass.