Four GOP Presidential Candidates Say They’ll Close Education Department—That’s Good Policy

:rofl: No.

No, it is keeping young people from STUPIDLY doing what the older generations did, recklessly taking on debt that they cannot pay.

It was STUPID to ever establish student loan guarantees. If they can’t show a reasonably ability to repay a loan, they should not receive it in the first place.

Work your ass through college, like I did.

I did not take a ■■■■■■■ dime of public money. No public loans. I worked my ass through college, full time work and a substantial class load. I came out of college not only debt free, but well ahead financially.

No, this is about protecting students from THEMSELVES. They can’t get into debt traps, if the government does not enable them to do so.

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Eliminating billions in student aid and saying that it is for their own good is not a winning argument either.

If eliminating the Dept of Education also means removing Billions in student aid from the system… it will be nearly as popular with most voters as banning abortion.

Sorry… that is just the reality of it.

How about just being shut off?

So what make education NOT indoctrination?

Is there a great National Clamor for the elimination of Student Aid?

“If I don’t like the standards being set it’s indoctrination!”

Excellent! I’ll wait and give the other kids a chance first.


It is not lawful spending to begin with.

I know: let’s let parents set the standards. Problem is, what’s the solution when these parents disagree with the standards that the others want to set?

Vote. It’s a 'mocracy.

By your interpretation of the Constitution.

To get people on your side you are going to have to convince them that removing Billions of Dollars in Student Aid is a Net good.

I don’t see that happening

I worked my self through Uni with 2 todlers in tow and no loans.
It’s done when one gets off the couch and puts his/her lazy ass in gear.

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You are not realy asking something like that?

When it is controlled by people with a left agenda, that would be true. When it is controlled by people who believe in teaching independent thinking, it is not.



Saying to people that they are lazy and that taking away billions in financial aid is for their own good is a sure fire way to get them to vote against you.

People like me will not vote for someone who wants grown able-body folks to rely on Momma Gov. supporting a 30y old still “going to school”.
I saw a 58 y old woman still going to Uni on scholarships and loans and …food stamps…
.NEVER stopped to take a JOB.
The only job she ever had was hanging diplomas on her walls. She was on her 3rd Masters D.
Then in a few years she’ll have Medicaid, Food Stamps, all the goodies Momma Gov. has in store for dead-beets like her.
I guarantee you she votes Democrat if she even get’s off of the couch to vote…but not to worry, father Biden is there to send her a mail in…

Sitting in classrooms rote learning a lot of useless information doesn’t make one educated.

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