FOUL PLAY: Here are the Super Bowl CHAMPS Who Plan to Boycott WHITE HOUSE Visit | Sean Hannity

Just hours after the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots in this weekend’s Super Bowl matchup, questions began to swirl surrounding President Trump’s potential invitation to the White House and which Eagles would boycott the traditional event.

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Questions began to swirl whether enough players would attend the meeting at the White House for Donald’s ego to be sufficiently stroked in order for him not to cancel the traditional event.

The 8 ball says no.

The only “FOUL PLAY” was Fat Donald sticking his wilfully ignorant nose into the kneeling NFL players protest.

Why would any SUPER BOWL CHAMPION want to go to the Trump White House after the way he trashed the leagues and their fellow members, calling them “SOB’S” and saying they don’t deserve to be Americans just for taking a knee in protest during the National Anthem.