Forum running slow, glitchy

Try not to move the ad spaces, that is impossible. Instead… only realize the truth:

There is no ad spaces.:wink:

I don’t mind seeing little, normal sized ads that mirror my shopping habits, but the ads are broken and can be fixed, if they insist on putting adds up, then reconfigure it. No other forum site I view have retarded ad sizes. I’d prefer not to have to use ad blockers.

get those adds

The manual option for FireFox users would be:

Right Click → Inspect → Modify HTML

The punishment for sloppy hosting is ad blocking and annoyed users.

Forum running slow again.

I’m seeing as many of those ads for pink bras as I am posts. It makes the threads keep jumping around.

Makes me wonder what you’re been looking at. :rofl:


I keep getting a pop up asking me to receive notifications for threads.

Since the addition of those ads the forum jumps around constantly…you can be reading a post and it jumps back to something else …

Very annoying.

I haven’t seen that one. The system automatically shows posts in threads we have made a post in.

uBlock Origin for FireFox (the non-Chromium browser you should all be using) on Desktop.

Adblock Browser for Android.

Adblock Plus for Safari (iPad and iPhone)

Now, let’s see how many clicks each receives. Weiner of the smartphone race decided right here folks.

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